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    • SAPPHIRE R9 Fury X Review

      AMD Fiji is finally here, bringing with it the innovative High Bandwidth Memory (HBM). Can this new graphics card triumph over NVIDIA's flagship GPU; GTX 980Ti?

    • XFX R9 390X Double Dissipation Review

      In our next review of AMD's R9 390X we take a look at what XFX has to offer in the R9 390X Double Dissipation graphics cards - custom cooled with the all-new Ghost 3.0+ solution.

    • Razer Naga EPIC Chroma Review

      The Razer Naga is a popular choice for fans of MMOs, over time it has gone through various subtle but important transfigurations. Is the Naga EPIC Chroma finally nearing the apex of mouse design?

    • Razer Firefly Review

      It is rare for us to look at a mouse mat but with 'Chroma' lighting and a tough micro-textured surface, the Firefly truely stands out!

    • MSI R9 390X GAMING 8G Review

      In our first review of Grenada XT aka Radeon R9 390X, we take a look at what MSI has to offer in the 390X GAMING 8G featuring Twin Frozr V and a factory overclock.

    • Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Review

      The Razer Mamba undergoes a transformation in form by joining the glam of the Chroma series, yet on the inside it features one of the most precise 5G laser sensors available.

    Latest News

    New Capacities, Premium Performance - Samsung Release 2TB 850 EVO And PRO SSDs(0)

    The new 2TB capacity of Samsung's flagship V-NAND SSD line-up brings yet more capacities to the well regarded range that now extends to new heights, starting from 120GB.

    Tagged as: Samsung, SSD, storage

    ASUS May Be Preparing R9 Fury STRIX With DCU III Cooling(0)

    Air-cooled little brother to the Fury X could be getting ASUS's high-end triple-fan DirectCU III cooler according to early retailer listings.

    Tagged as: ASUS, AMD, R9 Fury, GCN, 28nm

    Specs Leak Of AMD's Air-Cooled Radeon R9 Fury(0)

    With a similar Fiji GPU and high-bandwidth memory as the Fury X, AMD's Radeon Fury GPU looks to have a few shaders shaved off and will move to more traditional cooling methods.

    Tagged as: AMD, Fury, Fury X, Fiji PRO, GPU, 28nm, GCN

    Maxwell Gets The DCIII Treatment In New ASUS Strix GTX 980 TI(0)

    This GTX 980 TI is factory overclocked to 1317 MHz/1216 MHz Boost/Base on the GPU, features 6GB GDDR5 RAM, and has cooling upgraded to the latest ASUS DirectCU technology.

    Tagged as: ASUS, GTX 980 TI, Maxwell, 28nm

    Intel Rings In Changes At The Top As President Renée James Departs(0)

    Intel President is set to depart the corporation in January after 28 years of service, whilst Arvind Sodhani, Hermann Eul and Mike Bell also take their leave.

    Tagged as: Intel

    DeepCool Announce The GAMER STORM Turbo Fan Series(0)

    Designed for high air pressure, the GAMER STORM TF120 fan series uses a unique 2-layer system and channelized frame to increase air flow and reduce noise.

    Tagged as: DeepCool, fan, cooling

    Latest from Graphics

    SAPPHIRE R9 Fury X Review(0)

    AMD Fiji is finally here, bringing with it the innovative High Bandwidth Memory (HBM). Can this new graphics card triumph over NVIDIA's flagship GPU; GTX 980Ti?

    Latest from Cases & PSUs

    NZXT Noctis 450 Review(0)

    Bold is back - The Noctis 450 is a mid-tower with a confident statement. This chassis is packed with innovation and stylish aesthetics - appealing to every system builders needs.

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