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    • ASUS X99-Deluxe II Review

      As part of a refresh for the upcoming next-generation Intel Core i7 Processors, the X99-DELUXE II motherboard brings USB 3.1 and other features to the X99 chipset!

    • Corsair Lapdog Review

      PC gaming in the comfort of your living room, the Lapdog Gaming Control Center is the perfect fit for the K65/70 keyboards and features a 4-port USB 3.0 hub to power all your gaming peripherals.

    • Tt eSPORTS LEVEL 10 M Advanced Review

      Tt eSPORTS show off their fine craftsmanship with their most advanced mouse yet, it has a redesigned baseplate and is powered by a 32bit ARM processor and the AVAGO 9800 sensor.

    • ASUS GTX950-2G Unplugged Review

      An NVIDIA GTX 950 graphics card with no requirement for PCI-E power from the PSU - making this GPU the ideal upgrade for aging PCs.

    • Aorus Thunder K7 Review

      The Aorus Thunder K7 mechanical keyboard has a modular 20 key macropad that can be orientated in various ways, freeing up space for your mouse movements.

    • Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Review

      Creative are back with a tournament grade gaming headset, the Sound BlasterX H7. It features high grade reinforced steel/aluminium construction along with analogue and digital connectivity.

    Latest News

    AOC Talks Productivity Ahead Of Computex2016 Monitor Showcase(0)

    Be it Ultrawide 2560 x 1080 pixel panels, curved designs, greater connectivity or simply multi-monitor set-up flexibity, AOC have it covered.

    Tagged as: AOC, displays, monitors

    Thermaltake Present Two New Pacific Watercooling Kits With Hard Tubing(0)

    With both 360mm and 240mm radiator options, the new Pacific D5 Hard Tube Water Cooling Kits encompass broad options for enthusiasts looking equip their rig with advanced cooling performance.

    Tagged as: thermaltake, cooling

    New Lian Li Desk & Armorsuit Chassis Designs To Be Debuted At Computex 2016(0)

    Alongside a showcase of the DK-04, PC-09 and Ebonsteel series, Lian Li will be exhibiting an all-new desk chassis and the return of the Armorsuit range.

    Tagged as: Lian Li, chassis, computex2016

    Toppc & MSI Push DDR4 Memory To A New 5GHz World Record(0)

    MSI's in-house overclocker Toppc piloted a single G.Skill DDR4 DIMM to a new record of 5002.4 MHZ (effective), despite a rather unassuming mini-ITX platform.

    Tagged as: MSI, overclocking, memory, ddr4, world records

    Control The Livingroom - Corsair Launches The LAPDOG Portable Gaming Control Centre(0)

    A mounting option for Corsair K70 or K65 keyboards and space for a mousing area, the LAPDOG is designed to let you gaming with a PC in the comfort of your living room.

    Tagged as: Corsair, peripherals

    AMD Announces FirePro™ S7100X, The First And Only Hardware-Virtualisied GPU(0)

    Classed as a Multiuser GPU (MxGPU) for blade servers, the AMD FirePro™ S7100X is compliant with Single Root I/O Virtualisation and supports up to 16 simultaneous users.

    Tagged as: AMD, PirePro, enterprise

    Latest from Graphics

    ASUS GTX950-2G Unplugged Review(0)

    An NVIDIA GTX 950 graphics card with no requirement for PCI-E power from the PSU - making this GPU the ideal upgrade for aging PCs.

    Latest from Cases & PSUs

    Corsair Carbide SPEC-ALPHA Review(0)

    Corsair add another mid-tower chassis to the Carbide Series; the SPEC-ALPHA provides the gamer with a modern and eye-catching design.

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