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    • Razer Naga EPIC Chroma Review

      The Razer Naga is a popular choice for fans of MMOs, over time it has gone through various subtle but important transfigurations. Is the Naga EPIC Chroma finally nearing the apex of mouse design?

    • Razer Firefly Review

      It is rare for us to look at a mouse mat but with 'Chroma' lighting and a tough micro-textured surface, the Firefly truely stands out!

    • MSI R9 390X GAMING 8G Review

      In our first review of Grenada XT aka Radeon R9 390X, we take a look at what MSI has to offer in the 390X GAMING 8G featuring Twin Frozr V and a factory overclock.

    • Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Review

      The Razer Mamba undergoes a transformation in form by joining the glam of the Chroma series, yet on the inside it features one of the most precise 5G laser sensors available.

    • ASUS ROG Gladius Review

      An ergonomic and customizable gaming mouse from the Republic of Gamers that promises to deliver on comfort and also performance.

    • HyperX Savage SSD 240GB Review

      Backed by a Phison S10 controller, the Savage SSD from HyperX promises to be one of their fastest SATA-based solid state solutions.

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    Grab The Mouse By The Bungie... Sharkoon Release The SHARK ZONE M51+ Bundle(0)

    Sharkoon's new bundle includes both the brand new SHARK ZONE M51 gaming mouse and M10 mouse bungee hub, ensuring precise input without acres of cable flex.

    Tagged as: Sharkoon, mouse, bungee

    AMD's Fury X Pump Block Updated To Reduce Pump Whine.(0)

    After reports of high-pitched noises emanating from the cooler pump on initial batches, it appears that a follow-up now features a revised Cooler Master design.

    Tagged as: AMD, Fury X

    EVGA Unveil The GTX 980 TI Classified ACX 2.0+(0)

    GTX 980 TI with EVGA's updated cooling technology not only brings higher clock speeds but also cooler MOSFETS and GPUs to boot.

    Tagged as: EVGA, GTX 980 TI, NVIDIA, Maxwell, 28nm

    Acer Announces New Curvy 34" FreeSync Monitor(0)

    QHD resolution (3440x1440) Acer XR341CK features support for AMD's frame syncing technology with a maximum refresh rate of 75Hz, comes in at a touch over $1,000

    Tagged as: ACER, AMD, FreeSync, monitors

    Are NVIDIA Preparing a GTX 950Ti?(0)

    New SKU, apparently based on the GM206 silicon, would likely replace the GTX 750Ti in NVIDIA's product stack.

    Tagged as: NVIDIA, Maxwell, 28nm, GTX 950TI, GM206

    Steam Controller And Link Pre-Release Wave Stock Runs Dry(0)

    Early bird order period, for delivery before the official November release date, closes; new orders will not be fulfilled till on or after the official release.

    Tagged as: Steam, Valve

    Latest from Graphics

    MSI R9 390X GAMING 8G Review(0)

    In our first review of Grenada XT aka Radeon R9 390X, we take a look at what MSI has to offer in the 390X GAMING 8G featuring Twin Frozr V and a factory overclock.

    Latest from Cases & PSUs

    NZXT Noctis 450 Review(0)

    Bold is back - The Noctis 450 is a mid-tower with a confident statement. This chassis is packed with innovation and stylish aesthetics - appealing to every system builders needs.

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