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ASUS X99-Deluxe II Review

Posted by: David Mitchelson on: 26-05-2016 [ 0 comment(s) ]

As part of a refresh for the upcoming next-generation Intel Core i7 Processors, the X99-DELUXE II motherboard brings USB 3.1 and other features to the X99 chipset!

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Corsair Lapdog Review

Posted by: Tony Le Bourne on: 25-05-2016 [ 0 comment(s) ]

PC gaming in the comfort of your living room, the Lapdog Gaming Control Center is the perfect fit for the K65/70 keyboards and features a 4-port USB 3.0 hub to power all your gaming peripherals.

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Tt eSPORTS LEVEL 10 M Advanced Review

Posted by: Tony Le Bourne on: 23-05-2016 [ 0 comment(s) ]

Tt eSPORTS show off their fine craftsmanship with their most advanced mouse yet, it has a redesigned baseplate and is powered by a 32bit ARM processor and the AVAGO 9800 sensor.

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ASUS GTX950-2G Unplugged Review

Posted by: David Mitchelson on: 16-05-2016 [ 0 comment(s) ]

An NVIDIA GTX 950 graphics card with no requirement for PCI-E power from the PSU - making this GPU the ideal upgrade for aging PCs.

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Aorus Thunder K7 Review

Posted by: Tony Le Bourne on: 15-05-2016 [ 0 comment(s) ]

The Aorus Thunder K7 mechanical keyboard has a modular 20 key macropad that can be orientated in various ways, freeing up space for your mouse movements.

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