NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse Review

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Packaging & Closer Look

The Avatar S is presented in a semi-transparent white box. The transparency gives you a sneak preview of what’s inside. The box is small and NZXT have been sensible with how much they have spent on packaging. On the reverse of the box we have some of the features listed and some technical specifications.

Inside, the only other item included is a card that instructs you to visit the website for user manual.

Semi-transparent box to tease

The Avatar S is available in 2 different colour variations – white or black. Today we have the white variant which is a nice change from the typical black gaming mouse usually under review. White is definitely a colour that seems to be trendy right now with computer case manufacture so why not try it with peripherals too?

With the mouse out of its packet we can see its chic exterior. NZXT have designed the Avatar S in such a way that it will cater for both left and right handed gamers. Each side has what a typical mouse would call the “nagivator” button – in web browser you can use this to cycle back through previous pages etc. On the left side we have the NZXT logo imprinted, when powered up this will illuminate blue, purple or red depending on the DPI setting. To tweak the DPI the left button has to be held in whilst the scrolling wheel is moved up or down. DPI can be changed from 400 to 800 to 1600. Blue for 1600, purple for 800 and red for 400. Drivers do not need to be installed to take advantage of this but there is a software package that can be downloaded via the NZXT website.

The left side of Avatar S

The right side of Avatar S

Avatar S is designed for left and right handed – symmetrical design

Looking directly at the Avatar S from the front we can see the scrolling wheel. This is quite firm to rotate and feels of good quality. Along the black edges of the mouse are some LED lights that will emit a cool blue colour when the mouse has power.

The front of the Avatar S

Taking a look at the underside we can see that the Avatar S uses a 1600 DPI laser sensor. We also have 3 Teflon gliding feet for movement.

Finally, the USB connector is gold-plated. Unlike most gaming mice, the cable isn’t braided but has rubber insulation. The imprint of NZXT’s logo has been positioned on the plastic of the connector to assist with locating it behind the computer – in hard to reach areas.

The underside showing 1600 DPI laser sensor

Gold plated USB connector

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