NZXT Source 210 Elite Review

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Getting kit inside the Source 210 Elite is painless – the only thing I would say is that cable management could be improved upon. I had to feed the P4/EATX cable across the motherboard and under the graphics card, I couldn’t feed this behind the motherboard and up through the top because the case has no cut-outs at the top of the motherboard tray for this.

Installation complete!

Install complete – behind motherboard tray

As mentioned previously, installing HDDs into the Source 210 Elite is simple. All you do is slide the drive into the bay, remove the tool-less latch, fit the latch into the HDD screw-holes and turn the key into the lock position. This tool-less design system works very well and secures each drive.

Installing HDDs is very easy thanks to the tool-less design

In terms of clearance, depending on what CPU cooler you are using you may have trouble getting the side panel on. Here I have installed the Noctua NH-U12P which is 158mm in height and the side panel only just about fits on. You can see from the picture below that there is very little clearance – it’s extremely tight.

CPU cooler clearance is very tight

Whereas over at the graphics card there is plenty of space – here we have the ASUS HD6950 DirectCU II. This graphics card is just over 11” in length and there is still at least another inch of clearance before we touch the HDD cage.

Graphics card clearance is good

Turning our attention to behind the motherboard tray – there is exactly 1.5cm of clearance for cables to fit behind the motherboard tray. This is reasonable – especially as in certain areas the tray is concaved.

1.5cm of clearance behind the motherboard tray

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