Razer Naga Hex Gaming Mouse Review

Editor: Richard Weatherstone  Date: 30-04-12   2 Comment(s) - Join the discussion here
Razer Naga Hex First Look

Birdseye View

At first glance, aside from the aesthetics, the Naga Hex doesn't look like anything too remarkable. It has a contoured shell with a rounded rump, scroll wheel, two top mouse buttons and two main buttons.

Mouse Rear

Perhaps the most startling thing about the Naga Hex is the colour. The main mouse surface is finished in an extremely high gloss which protects the gorgeous pearlescent British racing green aurora effect beneath.

Right Side

As you can see from the picture above, the mid-section of the mouse is black plastic which has a fine, non-slip textured feel to it.

Left Side

To the left side of the mouse we find 6 buttons labelled conveniently 1 through 6. In the centre of the hexagonal shaped buttons lies a thumb rest. All of the buttons are contoured towards the thumb rest which makes for a very comfortable design.


From the front mouse you can clearly see that a lot of thought has gone into the ergonomics of the mouse. Both left and right buttons are sculpted to cradle your finders perfectly. Not only that but there is also a third finger rest cut out from the mid section which encourages a palm-grip.

I'm starting to like this rodent...

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