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DEEPCOOL Release The Assassin II(0)

After a long period modifying the design DEEPCOOL's ASSASSIN II dual-tower CPU cooler is here, bringing amazing upgrades compared with the first generation at no additional cost.

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EVGA's GTX 980 HYBRID, Marrying Air Cooling With A Closed Loop System(0)

The latest GFX card from EVGA hits a performance sweet-stop with lower overall temperatures and more overclocking potential than regular editions.

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Enermax Launch The MAXPRO PSU Series(0)

New 80PLUS Rated MAXPRO PSU design from Enermax focuses not only on stability but also include re-engineered fan bearings for lower system noise at load.

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Enhanced Capacity and Reliability - OCZ Present The Vector 180(0)

High performance Vector 180 SSD is launched with capacities up to 960GB, also coinciding with OCZ making the SSD Guru software free to all users.

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Cougar Announce The 300M Mouse, Coming This April(0)

A mainstream mouse for high-ernd gaming, the Cougar 300M features 4000dpi sensor, 1000Hz USB polling and OMRON switches for additional long-term durability.

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Corsair Releases Dominator Platinum DDR4 3400MHz Memory Kits Tuned for Gigabyte X99-SOC Champion(0)

Corsair Dominator 3400MHz DDR4 memory and Gigabyte X99-SOC Champion motherboard set world’s record for fastest DDR4 memory frequency of 4365.6MHz.

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The Hunt Is On - HyperX Announce Availability Of The Predator PCIe SSD(0)

Capable of up to 1400MB/s Read/1000MB/s Write, the HyperX Predator PCIe SSD is a truly high-performance PCIe/M.2 storage component for gamers.

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Sound-Proofed Value - Antec Announced The VSP-5000(0)

The <£50 mid-tower Antec VSP-5000 chassis features sound dampening side-panel material, top-panel fan covers and rubber grommets throughout, all to make systems whisper-quiet.

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Cold Storage - Alpenföhn Present The Alptunnel(0)

New passive HDD cooler is designed to not only keep your hard drives cool, but also to isolate vibration and reduce overall system noise.

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Samsung Targets Smartphones And Tablets With High Performance 128GB eMMC Storage(0)

3-bit NAND-based eMMC 5.0, hitting 260MB/s sequential read rates and 6,000/5,000 IOPS read/write, looks set to bring new storage densities to mobile without impinging on performance.

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Cool Under Pressure - EVGA Present The GTX Titan X With Waterblock(0)

Both regular and water-cooling compatible designs of Nvidia's latest flagship GPU are issued by EVGA, keeping enthusiasts keen.

Tagged as: EVGA, Nvidia, Titan X, Maxwell, 28nm

GIGABYTE Unleash Their Titan(0)

Over 3000 CUDA cores, 12GB frame buffer, clocks surpassing 1 GHz. GIGABYTE's GTX Titan X is built to impress, even at 4K.

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Tesoro Launch The Lobera Spectrum(0)

Joining the Excalibur Spectrum is the Tesoro Lobera Spectrum, a mechanical keyboard featuring per-key RGB illumination and on-board macro system.

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Nvidia Titan X Specs Leaked(0)

The upcoming flagship card from Nvidia beats out the GTX 980 by 50% or more in most specs, and is expected to perform commensurately well.

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Cougar Release The QBX, Aiming For Advanced Mini-ITX Gaming(0)

Claiming to be the 'most advanced compact gaming case in the market', the QBX supports full-length graphics cards, PSUs, and even 240mm water cooling radiators.

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Plextor To Reveal M7e M.2 SSD And More At CeBIT 2015(0)

Next-genereation storage supports the M.2 PCIe Gen 2x4 interface, and includes PlexTurbo caching software to push transfer speeds to a whole new level.

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Aerocool Release The Cyclops Chassis Range(0)

Encompassing the Cyclops and Cyclops Advanced PC cases, the new designs are affordable mid-tower affairs that are part of Aerocool's PGS-V series.

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SilverStone Introduce The ARM31BS(0)

As the name suggests the SilverStone ARM31BS is an aluminium/steel dual-arm, triple-monitor stand supporting sizes up to 24".

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Titanfall Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary With Free Season Passes(0)

New life may be breathed into EA's first person shooter as all DLC maps are effectively free, although it may only be for a limited time.

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Lexar Introduce The Professional 3400x CFast 2.0 Card (0)

Capable of transfer speeds up to 510MB/s, and in capacities up to 256GB, the Professional 3400x CFast 2.0 card is idea for capturing cinematic quality video.

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Inno3D Launches Hybrid-Cooled GTX 900-Series Cards(0)

Inno3D's iChill GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 Black Series Accelero Hybrid S cards utilise a hybrid air and liquid cooling solution with additional RAM and VRM cooling.

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Epic Game, Epic Bundle - Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Comes Free With Nvidia Graphics(0)

Picking up GeForce GTX 960 and higher desktop GPUs, or GTX 970M and higher laptops, will now new you a copy of CD Projekt RED's upcoming epic fantasy RPG.

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ASUS Announce 9-Series Support For 5th Generation Intel Core Processors(0)

UEFI BIOS updates throughout the ASUS range of 9-series motherboards, including all Z97 and H97 motherboards, unlocks compatibility with upcoming Broadwell CPUs.

Tagged as: Intel, ASUS, Broadwell, LGA1150, Z97, H97

Cougar Launch Their First Digital PSU(0)

The new COUGAR CMD Digital Power Supply Unit is integrated into the COUGAR UIX Device Management software for better data logging, as well as being 80PLUS Bronze certified.

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