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Take Charge Of The Battlefield With The New Commander Gaming Combo From Tt eSPORTS(0)

Keyboard and mouse combination offers both Tt eSPORTS Commander gaming peripherals in one value-oriented package.

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MSI First To Support Next-Gen NVM Express Storage Standard On All Intel 9-Series Motherboards(0)

MSI motherboards based on Intel 9-series chipsets - including X99, Z97 & H97 - can all be updated to support NVMe via a BIOS update.

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Low Noise, High Accuracy - Cooler Master Launch The Silencio FP Fan Series(0)

Beginning with a 120mm model, Cooler Master's Silencio FP fan series offers low noise and more accurate RPM monitoring, all at a sub-10 price point.

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Gearbox Wants Your Help Making The Next Borderlands Game(0)

Are you a huge fan of the Borderlands franchise? You could help craft the next chapter.

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Does The GTX 970 Have Memory Addressing Issues? NVIDIA Responds.(0)

Persistent grumbles that GeForce GTX 970's exhibited neutered performance when addressing more than 3.5GB VRAM prompt an official response, but the jury is still out.

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GTX 960 G1 Gaming Release Extends GIGABYTE's Lineup(0)

Augmented by a triple-fan WINDFORCE cooler, the GIGABYTE GTX 960 Gaming G1 includes both superb cooling as well as factory overclock and new Flex Display technology.

Tagged as: GIGABYTE, NVIDIA, GTX 960, 28nm, Maxwell

ZOTAC Keep Their GTX 960 Cool With New FREEZE Cooler Technology(0)

NVIDIA's new mid-range GPU is kept in check by ZOTAC's new twin-fan cooler technology, offering both reduced temperatures and lower noise especially at low loads.

Tagged as: NVIDIA, GTX 960, ZOTAC, 28nm, Maxwell

A New Mid-Range Powerhouse - NVIDIA Launch The GeForce GTX 960(0)

NVIDIA's Maxwell architecture makes a welcome return in the GTX 960, the new face of NVIDIA's gaming sweet spot that includes all their latest technologies.

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HP Drives "Business-First" Approach To Mobility With A New 12" Tablet(0)

HP have announced some very nice business hardware including a 12" tablet.

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DirectX 12 Will Be A Windows 10 Exclusive(0)

Earlier today we told you about Windows 10 being a free upgrade for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users. Perhaps this news will help sweeten the deal.

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Microsoft To Offer Windows 10 Free For Current Windows 7 & 8/8.1 Users.(0)

During a live press conference introducing Windows 10 features VP of Operating Systems Terry Myerson revealed that upgrades would be available for a year after launch.

Tagged as: Microsoft, Windows, DirectX12

SilverStone Introduce A 'Lengthened SFX' PSU Form Factor(0)

The new SFX-L form factor adds 30mm to a standard SFX PSU's dimensions, allowing 120mm fans to be included. SilverStone's SX500-LG is the first of these.

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ADATA Launch Gold Edition DDR4 DIMMS(0)

Capable of 3333MHz at CL16, XPG Z1 Gold Edition RAM from ADATA is the latest high-performance DDR4 RAM now available for Intel Haswell-E platforms.

Tagged as: ADATA, memory, ram, ddr4

Dragon Age: Inquisition PC Patch 3 To Fix Progression Blocking Bugs(0)

The next patch for Dragon Age Inquisition focuses on player feedback and progression blocking bugs

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AMD Readies The Radeon R9 380X For a Spring Release(0)

AMD's upcoming flagship GPU, the Radeon 380X will have 4GB of 3D stacked HBM RAM and will be released in late spring

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Antec Officially Reveal Their Latest Full Tower Chassis: The P380(0)

Oversized PC case is suitable for EATX motherboards, includes most of the perks of a modern chassis, and has some of the most extensive water cooling support of any Antec design.

Tagged as: Antec, chassis, SSI CEB, EATX, ATX

Pre-Order GTAV On PC And Get a Free Bonus Game and More(0)

It's already pretty great that Rockstar are bringing GTAV to PC but they are now sweetening the deal with a free game

Tagged as: GTAV, PC, Rockstar, Warehouse

ZOWIE Keep Things Simple With The New EC Series(0)

New design of gaming mouse makes use of the Avago 3310 optical sensor and has a coating which matches the already well regarded FK and EC eVo CL series.

Tagged as: Zowie, mouse, peripherals

CompuLab Fitlet Is A Tiny Fanless PC Full Of Openness(0)

The fitlet is tiny, fanless and full of features

Tagged as: CompuLab, MintBox, fitles, fanless, mini

Philips Announce The 272P4APJKHB, A 27-inch IPS-AHVA Display(0)

New monitor features portrait and landscape modes, and factory-calibrated colours supporting 99% of Adobe RGB and 100% of the sRGB colour space.

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DDR4 At 3400MHz Now Available From G.Skill(0)

These new high-end performance RAM DIMMs, released alongside a new 3200MHz DDR4 SKU, are rated at CL 16-16-16-36 in 16GB (4x4GB) kits.

Tagged as: GSkill, Memory, RAM, DDR4

AORUS Round Out Their Gaming Laptop Range With The X5(0)

Joined by the X3 Plus and X7 Pro, the new X5 is the first laptop to integrate a 15.6 IGZO Display and is powered by SLI GTX 965 GPUs.

Tagged as: AORUS, laptop, NVIDIA, Intel

GTAV PC Release Pushed Back, Min & Recommended Specs Revealed(0)

The PC port of Grand Theft Auto 5 is now scheduled for release on the 24th March, recommended specs require a modest quad-core CPU and modern mid-range GPU.

Tagged as: Rockstar, gaming

Cougar Go Back To Basics With Two New Gaming Peripherals(0)

Cougar's 200K Keyboard is a low profile design with 19-key rollover, whilst the 200M mouse is a 2000dpi design which focuses on accuracy over complication.

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