AMD Radeon HD 7770 Images and Specs

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With the Radeon 7000 series rolling out, some may want to see a more value concious offering, HD 7770 has now been revealed.

A member of the Chiphell forum posted benchmark results and photos of the HD 7770. The HD 7770 is the first upgrade of the X770 series since the HD 5770 and the HD 6770 was a rebrand of the HD 5770. Using the 28nm 'Cape Verde' core using the GCN architecture.

We can see 1x 6 pin power connector, a single crossfire connector, 4 GDDR5 memory chips implying a 128bit memory bus. The reference version using a large cooling fan over a smaller GPU should result in cool and quiet operation.

The test system used appears to be based on a Z77 platform using an 'Ivy Bridge' engineering sample CPU, identified as the Core i5-3550K with a core speed of 3.3Ghz.

The system setup and graphics drivers.

Scoring 18143 in 3DMark 06

3DMark 11 Scores P3421

3DMark 11 Extreme preset scores X1077

Beating out the HD 6770 and likely to be priced accordingly, this may pique the interest of those looking for a more wallet friendly graphics solution from the coming AMD radeon 7000 series.


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