AMD to use Coreboot on All upcoming platforms

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AMD may say goodbye to BIOS as they have announced that Llano APUs and following products will support Coreboot. AMD had initally focused on getting support for Coreboot on servers and embedded platforms but have now said that they are committed in supporting Coreboot on ALL future products.

AMD are one of Coreboot's largest contributors and are now adding support for the consumer market. Coreboot aims to replace the aging BIOS system and is effectively a stripped down Linux kernal that should allow more flexibility to vendors as well as new power saving options.

"AMD has come to realize that coreboot is useful in a myriad of applications and markets, even beyond what was originally considered." Kevin Tanguay,senior product marketing manager for AMD Embedded Solutions.

With AMD now offering Coreboot to the mainstream, along with OpenBIOS and EFI, there is growing pressure on OEMs to drop the older BIOS system.

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AMD to use Coreboot on All upcoming platforms


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repeated image fail XD

definately interesting this as im not too fond of efi, and this gives vendors a much better flexibility in regards to custom set ups

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