Genius announces FPS gaming mouse dubbed Maurus

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Genius announces a new member of the GX Gaming series.

Gaming peripherals are designed to combine incredible performance with fantastic looks. While I am not sure about the looks of the Genius Maurus, there is no doubt about this mouse will have excellent performance.

The gamer has the ability to personalize their in game experience by being given freedom to customize this mouse in any way they want. The UI (called scorpion) lets you set up to 21 macros, the buttons are also programmable and best of all, all these settings are stored in the mouses on board memory which means no matter which PC you use it on it will perform the way you want it to.

It also has a number of other features, which are not unique to this mouse, but give it a chance of going head to head with other gaming mice.... mouses....whatever!

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Genius announces FPS gaming mouse dubbed Maurus


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#24645 Posted on: 20.04.2012 14:26:40
As someone pointed out on FB - this looks very much like CM Storm Spawn!

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