How to destroy a Kingston SSD

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Ever wondered whether an SSD can survive roof drops, being burnt and paintballs? Me neither.

The guys from Kingston seem to be short of work. They've experimented with 3 methods to find out just how durable the Kingston SSD range is, see for yourself:

Good result there, that SSD has been exposed to more shock in a few minutes than most ever will in their lifetime. OK, so there was a little cheating going on, but all things said and done, I don't feel so bad about dropping them in future. Though I'd still try to avoid that folks.

Next up, evidently not satisfied with the level of functionality retained, we move to paintball, but without the mud, bruises and obligatory stag do.

So there's your answer - if you ever want to break an SSD, use paintballs. It's more destructive than throwing it off a roof and setting fire to it. Sort of.

Source: KinstonSSDNow Youtube Channel

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How to destroy a Kingston SSD


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#10941 Posted on: 07.01.2011 12:46:56
hey I think I might try the first method... just to see if my SSD actually withstands it.

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