SanDisk at CES 2017

09-01-2017 by Michael Pabia
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SanDisk launches its fastest high-capacity USB flash drive, SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.1 solid state flash drive, and the 256GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD with the latest A1 SD specification.

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SanDisk, CES 2017, Flash Drive, microSD

Team Group Introduces T162 and M161 Flash Drives

22-11-2016 by Michael Pabia
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Team Group introduces two USB flash drives with the latest USB 3.1 Gen 1 transfer interface the T162 and M161 with OTC Type-C.

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Team Group, Flash Drive, USB 3.1, USB Type-C

Western Digital Outs Third-Gen WD PiDrive Solution

18-11-2016 by Michael Pabia
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Western Digital offers third generation of the WD PiDrive Foundation Products which combines microSD and USB drive.

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Western Digital, Raspberry Pi, Hard Drive, Flash Drive

Transcend Launches Lightning Product Line-up

26-09-2016 by Michael Pabia
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Transcend Information, Inc. launches a complete line-up of Lightning products for the latest iOS devices.

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Apple, iOS, Lightning, Flash Drive

Lexar Adds New Mobile Storage Products - JumpDrives C20c and C20m

22-09-2016 by Michael Pabia
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Lexar adds new mobile storage products, the C20c and C20m JumpDrives with 3-in-1 function.

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Lexar, Flash Drives

Transcend Introduces USB Type-C Product Line Up

17-09-2016 by Michael Pabia
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Transcend Information, Inc. introduces its USB Type-C product line up includes USB flash drives, card readers and external hard drives.

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Transcend Technology, USB Type-C, External Hard Drive, Flash Drives

Intel shows 'world's fastest thumb drive'

07-06-2013 by Craig Farren
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Intel's "world's fastest thumb drive" uses Thunderbolt technology to provide ground breaking data transfer speeds.

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Intel, Thunderbolt, Flash Drive

Lighting Fast Performance With Kingston's HyperX USB Flash Drive

17-11-2011 by Tim Harmer
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Kingston Digital launch their new DataTraveler HyperX 3.0, a USB3.0 Flash Drive with near SSD performance figures and three capacities.

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