Plextor Releases The M6e M2 Gen2 x2 SSD

23-06-2014 by Tim Harmer
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Very small form factor, high speed SSD bypasses mSATA limitations by using a Marvel PCIe controller for speeds of up to 770MB/s Read, 625MB/s Write.

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PCIe 4.0 should be twice as fast as 3.0

17-06-2014 by Craig Farren
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PCIe 3.0 currently allows up to 32GB/sec but 4.0 should allow double that at 64GB/sec

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OCZ Launches The RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSD

24-04-2014 by Tim Harmer
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Designed for professional workstations and high end gaming, the RevoDrive 350 is capable of sequential read rates up to 1.8GB/s and 140,000 4K random write IOPS.

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OCZ Launches Z-Drive R4 CloudServ 16TB Solid State Storage System

14-02-2012 by Tim Harmer
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Enterprise-class storage solution accelerates Cloud storage by significantly reducing latencies and improving throughput.

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OCZ and Marvell To Unleash The Z-Drive R5

06-01-2012 by Tim Harmer
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To be unveiled at CES 2012; marketing leading PCIe SSD enterprise solution goes native, avoiding bottleknecks and increasing capacity.

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Premium Server SSD Performance With OCZ's RevoDrive 3 Max IOPS

08-11-2011 by Tim Harmer
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The latest iteration of the PCI-Express based RevoDrive is capable of blistering IOPS performance and read/write rates.

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GIGABYTE Likely To Ship Wireless Cards With Select X79 Motherboards

03-11-2011 by Tim Harmer
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Reacting to competitor pressure, GIGABYTE look set to release Wireless N and Bluetooth PCI-E cards with select parts in their X79 release range.

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OCZ Acquire Personnel, IP Access From PLX Technology

07-10-2011 by Tim Harmer
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OCZ gains the UK Design Team and access to key IP of PCIe switch maker PLX Technology, augmenting PCIe-based SSD solution development.

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Zotac Reveals The Geforce 520 PCIe 1x and PCI

27-09-2011 by Tim Harmer
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Zotac, well known for their performance range, have just expanded the Geforce 520 Range to PCIe 1x and PCI cards for those with upgrade restrictions.

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HIS Launches New 6870 IceQ 1GB Range

26-09-2011 by Tim Harmer
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HIS bring you the new range of IceQ 6870's, with vastly improved cooling and noise characteristics over the reference design.

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ASRock Up The Rhetoric In PCIe 3.0 War Of Words

22-09-2011 by Tim Harmer
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Following something of a war of words between Gigabyte and MSI over PCI-Express 3.0 compatibility, ASRock add fuel to the fire with a provocative new advert.

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Performance From Another Planet - The ASUS ROG MARS II

20-08-2011 by Tim Harmer
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Sporting dual nVidia GTX 580's, 3GB of GDDR5 RAM and DirectCu II variant cooler; the ROG MARS II stakes a claim to the fastest single card crown.

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SATA-IO Outline SATA Express Standard, 8+Gbps Capability.

11-08-2011 by Tim Harmer
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SATA-IO, the group behind SATA standards, has proposed SATA Express: a new high-bandwidth standard backwards compatible with SATA3.

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External Thunderbolt Graphics Card Enclosure In The Works.

05-08-2011 by Tim Harmer
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CEO of Village Instruments probes interest from Mac community on Facebook, gets more than required response. Will this finally be TB's Killer App?

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OCZ Technology Launches Next Generation Z-Drive R4 PCI Express Solid State Storage Systems

02-08-2011 by Tim Harmer
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OCZ Tech. continue to push the capabilities of SSD technology hard at the enterprise level. With up-to 1 Million IOPS and 5800MB/s, the PCIe Z-Drive R4 Range is sure to enthuse those for whom performance is an absolute necessity.

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MSI launches the world’s first PCI Express Gen 3 mainboard

05-07-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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MSI, the world-renowned mainboard and graphics card manufacturer, officially launches the Z68A-GD80 (G3)

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Intel 7 Series Chipset Details Leaked

28-04-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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Slides detailing the 7 series motherboards to come from Intel show that they have native support for USB 3.0 PCIe 3.0 and SATA 3. These motherboards are 1155 socket and will be released alongside the 22nm Ivy Bridge CPU which is a 22nm die shrink of existing Sandy Bridge architecture.

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