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    • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Review

      We saw the resurgence of AMD last year with the Ryzen 1st Generation processors, today we look at the Ryzen 7-2700X Processor, the current top-tier CPU in AMD's 2nd Generation Ryzen line-up. Can it possibly beat last year's exceptional efforts?


      Republic of Gamers present the STRIX X470-F GAMING, the budget-enthusiast option for a feature-rich entry into the land of the 2nd Gen. Ryzen processors.

    • MSI X470 GAMING M7 AC Review

      MSIs current flagship in the Ryzen 2nd Generation, the X470 GAMING M7 AC. Featuring extreme power delivery and isolated DDR4 lanes for incredible performance. How does it stack against the competition?

    • Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 Review

      Looking for a stylish DDR4 RAM set with RGB lighting but would also like some decent performance? Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB memory might be the kit for you.

    • Logitech G560 RGB PC Gaming Speakers Review

      Does Earth shattering bass paired with RGB lighting sound like your thing? The Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers may just be your thing.

    • Kolink Rocket Review - Better than DAN Cases A4-SFX?

      A new Aluminium Mini-ITX computer chassis boasting excellent build quality and features. Is this a better alternative to the DAN Cases A4-SFX?

    • be quiet! Dark Rock 4 Review

      be quiet! aim to provide practically silent operation while dissipating up to 200W of heat with the latest Dark Rock 4 heatsink, featuring their 135mm Silent Wings fan and ceramic particle coating.

    • be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 Review

      Introducing be quiet!'s top-of-the-line CPU cooler, the Dark Rock Pro 4, with 7 heatpipes and ceramic particle coating, offering the best thermal transfer possible.

    • ASUS ROG STRIX B360-F Gaming Review

      Looking for a slice of ROG pie without burning a hole in your pocket? The B360-F Gaming motherboard is designed for Intel Coffee Lake and is reasonably priced.

    • GIGABYTE H370N WIFI Review

      Wanting to build a mini-powerhouse based on Intel Coffee Lake but while saving a bit of cash? GIGABYTE's H370N WIFI is a Mini-ITX motherboard designed for SFF and hosting a plethora of great features.

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    Latest News

    Twitch Rolls Out New Channel Analytics Page(0)

    Twitch updates its dashboard to give users better navigation and easier way to show information about your channel by creating the new Channel Analytics dashboard.

    Tagged as: Twitch, Streaming, Gaming

    Antec's Dark Fleet Chassis Series Returns(0)

    The Antec DF500, now available with or without RGB fans, is and ATX chassis priced from 59 and includes many features you might not expect at this price point.

    Tagged as: Antec, chassis, case, atx

    WD Introduces Ultrastar DC HC530 14TB Drive(0)

    Western Digital introduces the Ultrastar DC HC530 14TB hard drive featuring the HelioSeal design that boosts reliability, quality and power efficiency.

    Tagged as: Western Digital, HGST

    Acer Wins 13 Red Dot Design Awards 2018(0)

    Acer wins the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2018 for design excellence for thirteen (13) of its products just after getting twelve iF Design Award 2018.

    Tagged as: Acer, Red Dot Design Award

    AOC Looks Set To Launch AGON 32" FreeSync 2 HDR Monitor This June(0)

    Upcoming QHD curved monitor, part of the AGON gaming range, supports 144Hz refresh rate and is VEGA DisplayHDR 400 compliant.

    Tagged as: AOC, AGON, monitor, display, FreeSync

    Phanteks Now Offers Eclipse P300 Chassis In Three New Colours(0)

    Phanteks announces three new colours of the budget-friendly Eclipse P300 tempered glass chassis.

    Tagged as: Phanteks, Chassis

    CRYORIG Releases Full Copper C7 Cu Cooler(0)

    CRYORIG releases the first addition to the Cu cooler series the CRYORIG C7 Cu CPU cooler.

    Tagged as: CRYORIG, Cooling

    Micron Presents Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 Gaming Memory(0)

    Micron Technology announces the availability of the new Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 Gaming Memory kits featuring new RGB LED lighting modules and improved performance.

    Tagged as: Ballistix, Crucial, DDR4, RGB

    AMD Radeon Counters NVIDIA GPP Highlighting Freedom of Choice For Gamers(0)

    AMD Radeon counters NVIDIA GPP with a recommitment to open innovation and genuine transparency, offering freedom of choice to gamers without anti-competitive conditions and restrictions.

    Tagged as: AMD, Radeon, NVIDIA

    Cooler Master Releases MasterLiquid ML240R RGB and ML120R RGB AIO Liquid CPU Coolers(0)

    Cooler Master announces worldwide availability of the MasterLiquid ML120R RGB and ML240R RGB CPU coolers today.

    Tagged as: Cooler Master, Cooling

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Power Supplies Now Available in the US Region(0)

    G.SKILL announces the availability of its Ripjaws power supplies in the US region at the Amazon online store.

    Tagged as: G.SKILL, PSU

    Dissent In The Republic - ASUS Drop ROG Radeon Branding, Introduces AREZ(0)

    Signalling a split in the Republic Of Gamers, ASUS are carving out new branding for AMD Radeon GPUs going forward. Proprietary tech, however, is likely to be unchanged.

    Tagged as: ASUS, AMD, ROG, AREZ, GPU

    Audeze Presents Mobius Gaming Headphones(0)

    The Audeze brings the award-winning planar magnetic technology to gaming and entertainment as they present the Audeze Mobius gaming headphones.

    Tagged as: Audeze, Audio, Gaming

    NZXT Presents Hyper Beast Concept Art For N7 Motherboard(0)

    NZXT once again introduces the Hyper Beast design for the recently released NZXT N7 Z370 motherboard which is also NZXTs first ever motherboard.

    Tagged as: NZXT, Motherboard, CS:GO

    Latest from Graphics

    PowerColor Red Devil RX VEGA 56 Review(0)

    Thinking about turning to AMD Vega Series for your high-end graphics card? We analyse a newly launched custom design by way of PowerColor's Red Devil RX VEGA 56.

    Latest from Cases & PSUs

    Kolink Rocket Review - Better than DAN Cases A4-SFX?(0)

    A new Aluminium Mini-ITX computer chassis boasting excellent build quality and features. Is this a better alternative to the DAN Cases A4-SFX?