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    • Stormforce Prism GTX 1080Ti Review

      Pushing the limits of what's capable, Stormforce have shoehorned a GTX 1080Ti and an AMD ThreadRipper CPU into a Cooler Master chassis to provide the ultimate in performance.

    • ASUS ROG Strix Flare Review

      The ASUS ROG Strix Flare does face some seriously tough competition in its price bracket and even though it has a fully stocked arsenal of features, does it do it enough to stand out from the rest?

    • TEAMGROUP T-Force VULCAN TUF Gaming Review

      Designed to match up with ASUS TUF GAMING motherboards, Vulcan DDR4 carries digital camo styling and arrives in a variety of different capacties/speeds. Today we'll be looking at the 16GB 3200MHz RAM kit.

    • EasySMX EG-C3071W Review

      The EasySMX EG-C3071W wireless gaming controller in on test today, it's compatible with mobile, PC and PlayStation, so can this make it the only game controller you'll ever need?

    • XPG Spectrix D40 DDR4 Memory Review

      With speeds up to 4400MHz and capacities hitting 64GB, the Spectrix D40 memory from XPG certainly promises performance, but does it deliver?

    • Deepcool GamerStorm New Ark 90 Review

      Equipped with an integrated liquid CPU cooler, New Ark 90 is a full tower which accommodates up to E-ATX form factor and offers a bag full of innovative features!

    • EasySMX T47 Review

      When you think of a gaming brand, EasySMX might not be the first company that springs to mind, but could their T47 Gaming mouse help change that?

    • Team Group Delta RGB SSD Review

      SSDs are almost considered a necessity in today's systems for faster boot times and shorter loading screens, but with the current RGB craze, Team Group decided to hit their Delta SSD with the RGB treatment.

    • Streaming & Gaming PC Guide - Everything You Need In 2018

      As games like Fortnite grow at an ever expanding rate and sites like Twitch and YouTube chomping at the bit to get in on the action, now is a great time to jump in and get streaming. Today we're outlining three full setups with everything you need to get started streaming in 2018.

    • Tesoro Gram XS Review

      Featuring their very own low-profile mechanical chiclet switches and RGB lighting, the Tesoro Gram XS arrives in a very thin package, but how does it fair? Read on to find out.

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    Latest News

    Thermaltake Intros View 71 Tempered Glass Snow Edition Chassis(0)

    Thermaltake introduces the View 71 Tempered Glass Snow Edition chassis. The View 71 features a lavish use of tempered glass panels and now with white interior and exterior.

    Tagged as: Thermaltake, Chassis

    AMD Wants You to Trade Your i7-8086K Prize to A Threadripper 1950X(0)

    AMD launches the “Competitor Sweepstakes” promotion wherein you can trade the Intel Core i7-8086K processor prize from Intel's sweepstakes into an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X high-end desktop platform processor.

    Tagged as: AMD, Intel, Ryzen, Promotion

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.6.1 Drivers(0)

    Up-to double-digit performance improvements in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 are the headlines, but yet-more bug fixes also feature.

    Tagged as: AMD, drivers

    Turtle Beach Intros Recon 200 and Stealth 300 Headsets at E3 2018(0)

    Turtle Beach introduces its latest gaming headsets at the E3 2018 convention featuring the Recon 200 multi-platform gaming headset and the Stealth 300 gaming headset for Xbox One and PS4.

    Tagged as: Turtle Beach, Audio, E32018

    Corsair Announces Partnership With Clutch Gaming Esports Org.(0)

    Clutch Gaming, a team that are new to League of Legends' North American LCS, will be equipped with Corsair peripheral and system hardware for their 2018 journey.

    Tagged as: Corsair, Clutch Gaming, esports

    Upgrade Overdue? Steam To Sunset Windows XP & Vista Support(0)

    New Steam features won't be supported on XP and Vista, and compatibility as a whole will sunset in January 2019.

    Tagged as: Valve, Steam, Windows

    SOULCALIBUR VI Release Date and Collector’s Edition Announced at E3 2018(0)

    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment teases SOULCALIBUR VI at E3 2018 and announces the release date, Collector's Edition bundle and PC requirements.

    Tagged as: BANDAI, E32018, Gaming

    Team Group Intros T-FORCE XCALIBUR RGB Memory Series(0)

    Team Group introduces the T-FORCE XCALIBUR RGB gaming memory series featuring support for synchronized RGB lighting with popular motherboard-based RGB controllers and a unique totem design.

    Tagged as: Team Group, Memory, RGB

    Ubisoft's For Honor Currently Available For Free, For A Limited Time(0)

    Ubisoft's For Honor PC Standard Edition can be downloaded free to keep forever from uPlay until Sunday June 17th.

    Tagged as: Ubisoft, For Honor, free game

    Two New P7-series Chassis Variants Added To Antec's PC Case Range(0)

    The Antec P7 Window introduces an acrylic window and coloured highlights into the formula, while the P7 Silent adds internally mounted sound deadening material.

    Tagged as: Antec, chassis, case, atx

    Noctua at Computex 2018(0)

    Noctua displayed a wide range of upcoming products and prototypes at Computex 2018.

    Tagged as: Noctua, Computex2018

    G.SKILL DDR4 Memory Breaks 13 World Records at COMPUTEX 2018(0)

    G.SKILL DDR4 memory kits broke 13 world records by several world-renowned overclockers including Toppc, Kingpin, and Splave at the conclusion of COMPUTEX 2018.

    Tagged as: G.SKILL, Overclocking, Intel, Computex2018

    MSI Adds Supports for Limited Edition Intel Core i7-8086K Processor(0)

    MSI adds support for the recently released limited edition Intel Core i7-8086K processor for the MSI Z370, H370, B360 and H310 motherboards.

    Tagged as: MSI, Intel, Motherboard

    Ubisoft at E3 2018(0)

    Ubisoft teases several of its upcoming games this year at E3 2018 including Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Crew 2 and the recently launched Tom Clancy's: The Division 2.

    Tagged as: Ubisoft, Gaming, E32018

    Latest from Graphics

    PowerColor Red Devil RX VEGA 56 Review(0)

    Thinking about turning to AMD Vega Series for your high-end graphics card? We analyse a newly launched custom design by way of PowerColor's Red Devil RX VEGA 56.

    Latest from Cases & PSUs

    Deepcool GamerStorm New Ark 90 Review(0)

    Equipped with an integrated liquid CPU cooler, New Ark 90 is a full tower which accommodates up to E-ATX form factor and offers a bag full of innovative features!