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    • MSI Stealth 15M A11UEK Review

      We take a look at our first Intel 11th Gen and RTX 30 Series combo with the new MSI Stealth 15M gaming laptop. Should this affordable laptop be on your shortlist?

    • EPOS B20 Streaming Microphone Review

      On the heels of the H3 Headset's release EPOS return with a new microphone for content creators and streamers eager to add a little pep into their broadcast, but does the audio specialists new hardware cut through the clamour of the competition?

    • ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E Gaming WiFi Review

      Touted as one of ROG's flagship Intel Z590 motherboards, the STRIX Z590-E Gaming WiFi is laden with some brilliant features. Will it entice a move to Intel's 11th Gen platform?

    • MSI Creator 15 A10UGT Review

      Intended for creative professionals, the Creator 15 appears to have a solid feature-set which is based around the RTX 3070. Is it a designers dream?

    • MSI MEG Z590 ACE Review

      Looking for a high-end solution for the Intel Core i9-11900K? We take a look at MSI's MEG Z590 ACE which is armed with a plethora of features including Thunderbolt 4 ports.

    • EPOS H3 Gaming Headset Review

      EPOS returns with a new wired gaming headset lacking the Sennheiser name but advertising crystal-clear audio and a studio-quality microphone. But does it live up to the hype, and it's pedigree?


      Armed with a plethora of features and with no intention of compromising - the Z590 AORUS MASTER is a top-end motherboard ready to elevate your Rocket Lake experience.

    • MSI MAG B560M Mortar WiFi Review

      Looking for an affordable route to Intel's 11th Gen? We test out MSI's latest Micro-ATX B560 motherboard and see if it's worth considering.

    • ASRock Z590 Taichi Review

      It's time for ASRock to show their hand in the Intel Z590 movement. Z590 Taichi represents the best the company has to offer. Is it worth considering for the Intel Core i9-11900K?


      The brand new gaming mouse from CORSAIR is the first to incorporate their AXON hyper-processor, unlocking 8000Hz USB polling. But in a highly competitive landscape can it show its class and pull ahead of the rest?

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    Plextor Unveils M10P Series PCIe Gen4 SSD(0)

    Plextor launches the M10P Series PCIe Gen4 SSD featuring speeds of up to 7000MB/s read and up to 5000MB/s write delivered by the PlexNitro II Technology.

    Tagged as: Plextor, SSD, NVMe SSD, Storage

    COLORFUL Launches GPU History Museum(0)

    COLORFUL announces the launch of the GPU History Museum in partnership with NVIDIA.

    Tagged as: COLORFUL, NVIDIA, ATI, Graphics Card

    ASUS x GUNDAM Series Components Reaches United States(0)

    ASUS x GUNDAM Series gaming PC components reach the United States via Newegg.

    Tagged as: ASUS, GUNDAM, Motherboard, Cooling, Gaming Router

    Sharkoon Introduces TG6M RGB Chassis(0)

    Sharkoon presents the TG6M RGB ATX chassis featuring strong airflow with its air-permeable mesh front grille and tempered glass side panel.

    Tagged as: Sharkoon, Chassis, Case

    AZIO Launches IZO Collection via Kickstarter(0)

    AZIO launches the IZO Collection – a colourful set of peripherals including a mechanical keyboard, mouse, number pad, desk pad, and palm rest.

    Tagged as: AZIO, Keyboard, Mouse, Peripherals, Wireless Keyboard, Kickstarter

    Battlefield 2042 Revealed, Pre-Order Now Available(0)

    Electronic Arts and DICE today announces the next-generation Battlefield 2042, a ground-breaking first-person shooter set to revolutionize the modern multiplayer sandbox.

    Tagged as: Electronic Arts, DICE, Battlefield, FPS, Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store

    Seagate Introduces FireCuda 520 SSD Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition(0)

    Seagate introduces the FireCuda 520 SSD Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition 1TB featuring a custom-designed yellow-coloured Cyberpunk 2077 heatsink with RGB LED lighting.

    Tagged as: Seagate, Seagate FireCuda, Cyberpunk 2077, SSD, NVMe

    SteelSeries PrismCaps Pudding-Style Keycaps Released(0)

    SteelSeries releases PrismCaps universal double shot PBT pudding-style keycaps designed to fit SteelSeries MX stem mechanical keyboards including the Apex 5, Apex 7, Apex 7 TKL, Apex Pro, and Apex Pro TKL keyboards.

    Tagged as: SteelSeries, Keyboard, Keycaps, Accessories

    ASUS ROG Strix Monitors Return to a Portable Form Factor With The XG16(0)

    Originally demoed at CES2021, the ROG Strix XG16 are a series of 15.6-inch monitors equipped with a 144HZ IPS panel, built-in battery and USB-C/Micro HDMI connectivity options.

    Tagged as: ASUS, ROG, displays, monitors, portable, USB-C, HDMI, G-SYNC

    G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Elite High-Performance CL14 Low-Latency Kits Released(0)

    G.SKILL adds high-performance CL14 low-latency kits to their recently released Trident Z Royal Elite Series DDR4 gaming memory.

    Tagged as: G.SKILL, DDR4, Gaming Memory

    Asetek Powers ROG Strix LC GeForce RTX 3080 Ti OC Edition Graphics Card(0)

    Asetek proudly announces that its high-performance liquid cooling technology is fitted the new liquid cooled NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card launched by ASUS – the ROG Strix LC GeForce RTX 3080 Ti OC Edition.

    Tagged as: ASUS, ROG, Asetek, ROG Strix, NVIDIA GeForce, Graphics Card

    Elgato's Stream Deck Software Updated To v5.0, Adds Store(0)

    The Elgato Stream Deck store is a distribution platform for plugins and icon packs, as well as a tip centre and repository for music tracks and sound effects.

    Tagged as: Elgato, software, corsair

    NZXT N7 Z590 Motherboard Now Available(0)

    NZXT announces the NZXT N7 Z590 motherboard availability, which supports the latest 11th generation Intel Core processors.

    Tagged as: NZXT, Motherboard, Intel, Z590, NZXT CAM

    MSI B550 Cashback Combo Deals 2021: Red Team, Gamer's Dream Promotion(0)

    The MSI “Red Team, Gamer’s Dream” promotion is now live, offering combo cashback deal for certain products including selected MSI B550 motherboards, liquid cooler, or a combo of a motherboard and liquid cooler.

    Tagged as: MSI, Motherboard, Liquid Cooling, Promotion, B550, AMD Ryzen, AMD, Promotion

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