The Ultimate Cooling Fan Grouptest 2012 Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅31-07-12
Performance: Overclocked System (Arranged by Temp/Ambient)

Here the fan data is arranged by cooling performance, or Temperature Over Ambient (TOA), with the highest power fans on top. You can see that the top cooling fans are also the noisiest.

Perversely, the best use of this page is to find the quietest fans. By looking down to find the level of performance that you need, you will see which fans of comparable cooling power make the least amount of noise. Here, for example, you see why so many people love their Nidec Gentle Typhoon AP-15's. You can also see that the Arctic F12, the Thermalright TY-140 and the Prolimatech Blue Vortex perform very well.

To see the best-cooling quiet fans, look at the next page.

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