2.1 Speakers Grouptest Review - Antec Rockus 3D, Corsair SP2500, Microlab FC360

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-03-12

Desktop PC’s and even home entertainment systems store an immense collection of our music, movies and games and it is therefore to our benefit to invest in a good quality sound system to enhance the entertainment experience.

You may have the latest graphics card, hex-core processor, largest monitor money can buy but without the inclusion of a decent sound system the audio will fall foul and could even ruin the experience altogether.

Game developers, music producers and entertainment studios have, in recent years striven to provide more engaging involvement within their specific areas of work – so having a poor sound system could undo their hard-work.

Today we will be doing a grouptest of an assortment of 2.1 sound systems from Soundscience (Antec), Microlab and Corsair. These systems are designed for PC and home entertainment use and we hope this article helps to assist with your buying needs.

On the next page we will begin our analysis on the products under review.

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