Scan 3XS FT03 ROG SLI Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-01-12

Product on Review: 3XS FT03 ROG SLI
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Scan
Customised configuration Price: £1,499 inc. VAT

To many, building a computer can be a daunting task – perhaps not just the construction but selecting a list of compatible components. Whilst retailers have thousands of products to choose from for the confident system builders amongst us, most also host a selection of pre-built systems to counter this. It’s a great idea, consumers can simply order a system based on their budget and purpose of us – not having to worry about the selection of components or building the actual system.

Today we will be taking a look at a high-end gaming system designed and built by the notorious 3XS team over at Scan Computers. The 3XS FT03 ROG SLI edition features some of the best components currently on the market from brands like Intel, ASUS, Corsair, BeQuiet and many more. Our system under the spotlight today is based on Intel’s 2nd generation Core i5 processor – codenamed Sandy Bridge. Just a mere glance at the system specifications hints at an extremely powerful computer system so let’s waste no further time and begin our analysis of 3XS FT03 ROG SLI.


Scan’s take on 3XS FT03 ROG SLI
The FT03 ROG SLI features the all new Asus Maximus GENE-Z board with Intel's Z68 Chipset, Intel's i5 2500K CPU overclocked to a staggering 4.7Ghz, together with a pair of Asus GTX560 TOP graphics cards & 120Gb Corsair Force SSD. Offering mind blowing performance in a contemporary chassis. Not only is it suitable as a high performance gaming system it would equally look the part in your living room.

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