Scan 3XS FT03 ROG SLI Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-01-12

Give any serious enthusiast £1500 to select a list of components and build a gaming system and the specifications will almost certainly match that of the 3XS FT03 ROG SLI. This system oozes quality and performance.

This is the first time we have experienced a system built by Scan’s 3XS team at Vortez and we weren’t disappointed. Not only were the components selected a great choice but care had been taken in ensuring cable management and layout appeared to be an important factor. The package was also delivered personally by Scan 3XS courier – meaning the parcel is handled with extreme care and the buyer can decide exactly when the parcel arrives.

As revealed during our benchmark tests the 3XS FT03 ROG SLI performs extremely well. A combination of high-end components and a significant overclock boost of 4.7GHz to the 2500K gives very pleasing results – the benefits are there to be had. Having a dual graphics card configuration almost means that 3D performance is very good too.

My only complaint about the system is the noise under full load. The two ASUS 560Ti graphics card’s fans were spinning at 3810 (63%) and 2580 (45%) RPM which as you may have guessed was the root cause of this noise. I would advise capping the fan speed to 30% with an application like MSI Afterburner to significantly drop noise levels being emitted from the 3XS FT03 ROG SLI.

+ Unique layout design
+ Excellent choice of components
+ Brilliant performance
+ Overclocked to 4.7GHz
+ Good cable management
+ Fast, convenient personal delivery

- Noisy under full load

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Thanks to Scan Computers for providing today’s review sample.

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