Scan 3XS FT03 ROG SLI Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-01-12
Closer Look (External)

The 3XS FT03 ROG SLI takes its name from the very case Scan have chosen to build inside – Silverstone’s (Fortress) FT03. This is a popular chassis within the hardware market and is made up of aluminium and steel. Supporting the form factors Micro-ATX, mini-DTX and mini-ITX for a gaming rig the M-ATX form factor is an obvious top pick. The FT03 a very unique design, identifying it as a computer case may be difficult on first impressions because it is tall and thin unlike the typical ATX or even M-ATX computer cases available to the enthusiast.

The Scan insignia can be seen on the front, just above the SilverStone logo – the small horizontal slit that spans the width of the FT03 is in fact the optical drive.

The front of Scan’s 3XS FT03 ROG SLI

Rotating the case around, there is a large plastic mesh cover. This is removable from the outside of the case and gives restricted access to the internal components inside such as the PSU on/off switch. The decision to go with the SilverStone FT03 is an interesting one. It can still accommodate high-end kit whilst giving a significant improvement to desk/room space compared to the typical computer case. Those who have a fondness for the sleek and minimalist approach will certainly be pleased with the FT03's visual appearance.

The side with plastic ventilation cover

At the very top of the FT03 is the front panel connectivity. Available here is the following:

• Power/reset buttons
• Activity LEDs
• 2x USB 3.0 ports
• Headphone/microphone jacks

Front panel connectivity at the top – with USB 3.0 ports

These ports and buttons are surrounded by another removable mesh panel. Removing this reveals the I/O section of the motherboard. We will take a closer look at this and other internal elements over the page.

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