ADATA XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅04-11-19
Performance Testing:
In our time with the XPG Summoner we've used it in multiple scenarios, including typing up this review and of course, gaming.

The first thing we took note of when taking the keyboard out of it's box is the size and weight of it, it's a relatively compact and light-weight affair which lends itself to those who are fond of LAN parties, which is why it's a shame that XPG have not decided to utilise a detachable cable to make it even easier to stow away in a back pack.

In terms of aesthetics the key caps are all moulded black matte plastic, this along with your choice of Cherry MX switches mean they're a pleasure to type with, and the aluminium construction definitely helps contribute to it's less gamery look, which overall we are fans of.

The keyboard itself is very comfortable to use, and that's partially down to the included wrist rest, which most other manufactures fail to include, there is sufficient padding on the wrist rest, however we did find that after a couple of hours gaming it does get quite warm, although this doesn't cause irritation for us, if you have sensitive skin it may do.

The ADATA XPG Summoner can store 5 macros via on-board profiles, however there is no software to create or edit macros available at this time so getting them right can take a bit of time. As there is no software available this also means that you can't customise the lighting outside of the presets that ADATA have pre-programmed onto the keyboard.

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