ADATA XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅04-11-19
Overall the ADATA XPG Summoner is a decent offering in it's price range.

However, there are some things ADATA XPG could improve on, the biggest of our gripes is the USB 2.0 Pass-through port, the majority of devices used today will benefit from a USB 3.0 port, whether this be a phone or memory stick and the exclusion of one seems a little out of place on a keyboard of this spec.

Another gripe that we had with the accessories that came with the keyboard is that the key cap puller is a moulded plastic one, which can result in scratches to the key caps if you're not careful with them or are clumsy like we are. The inclusion of replacement key caps for the arrow keys, the WASD keys and the windows key is a nice touch as well, although XPG aren't the first to do so it's still nice to see.

As we mentioned previously the keyboard is quite nice to type on, the key spacing is just right and the amount of padding on the included wrist rest doesn't elevate your wrists too high as to make it uncomfortable, however we do wish that the material was more breathable than it is at the moment to help prevent a build up of heat.

The fact that there is no software available to edit the RGB lighting or the macros is also worth mentionings, recording macros is not easy without some visual representation and the pre-programmed lighting effects do leave something to be desired if you're into that, we personally left the RGB off as we are fond of how the XPG Summoner looks without it.

The XPG Summoner is a good keyboard at heart, however it does have some features that you may not like, while we do recommend the keyboard, we also recommend trying before you buy where possible

+Quality Construction
+High Quality Wrist Rest
+Spare Key Caps
+Great Looks

-Plastic Key Cap Puller
-Non-detachable Cable
-USB 2.0 Pass-through
-No Software Support

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