Aerocool DS200 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅27-08-14

Elegantly styled computer cases always go down a treat because they are easy on the eye and can complement the office and other appliances. The DS200 adheres to this because of its sleek and minimalist aesthetics and since there are a variety of different flavours to choose from, you can easily coordinate the overall design of an office or den to your exact preference.

Aerocool has peppered DS200 with a broad spectrum of different and useful features. We especially like the inclusion of the LCD fan controller which outputs the temperature reading from the thermal sensor – which you can place anywhere in the system to obtain on-the-fly temperature analysis. This handy controller can also adjust the speed of the cooling fans inside the case, allowing the user to switch between off, 50%, 75% and 100%.

Inside the chassis there is plenty of space for high-end hardware, including 240/280mm radiator support at the top and front. The cavity design inside the top panel and the clearance from the top of the motherboard to the chassis paves the way for a push/pull configuration – something which is uncommon in most cases of this calibre and something which is sure to be welcomed by enthusiasts.

The ample noise damping material and closed off panels present system builders with an enclosure which achieves what it sets out to – silence. Certainly with the fans set to 50% we found noise to be at an absolute minimum.

Our experience and feedback with DS200 is largely positive but there are a few areas for improvement – why Aerocool didn’t braid or even insulate the fan cables in black remains a mystery. At present they are bare, showing bright yellow, red and black, standing out like a sore thumb. Although this is a small detail, it’s definitely something which many enthusiasts look for. The overall finish of the inside of DS200 lacks the finesse we have found with other cases in this price-range too. We’d have liked to see the same focus on the interior as the exterior.

Costing £75 GBP the DS200 represents good value for money. There are other silent cases in a similar price-range with a slightly different feature-set which you could argue isn’t as strong as our Aerocool counterpart.

Aerocool’s DS200 achieves the low-noise operation it sets out to and does so in style by offering a sleek, minimalist chassis with lots of flexibility.

+ Attractive design
+ Available in many colours
+ Useful LCD fan controller
+ Good radiator support
+ Easy to control cable management
+ Can house high-end kit
+ Quiet

- Cheap internals
- Unbraided fan cables

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