Aerocool XPredator X1 Devil Red Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-11-12

Product on Review: XPredator X1 Devil Red
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Aerocool
Street Price: £60 (At time of review)

Aerocool remain a passionate force behind their gaming products, since 2001 they have been supplying the market with innovation in gaming peripherals, PSUs, cases and cooling products. In the computer case division Aerocool have been bringing to market some very affordable solutions for those on a tight budget and today we will be taking a look at one such offering.

In the spotlight today is Aerocool’s XPredator X1 Devil Red Edition; a mid-tower gaming chassis equipped with USB 3.0, fan controller and what promises to be a spacious internal layout for those seeking a case to house their system whilst keeping the cost to a minimum.

We’ve seen quite a few computer cases aimed at the low-mid range over the past 12 months and have been impressed; can Aerocool steal some of the lime light?

Aerocool on XPredator X1
For those who have dreamed of owning an XPredator case but never end up getting one due to its sheer chassis size, now here is the good news: Aerocool has introduced the new XPredator X1. The XPredator X1 is a standard midi case that comes in four colors which are Black Edition, Evil Black Edition, Devil Red Edition and White Edition. While the chassis is generally smaller and thinner than the X3 and the original XPredators, it is surprisingly capable of supporting long high-end graphic cards up to 400mm. It also has a fan controller knob on the top panel that can support up to 25W.

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