Alpenföhn Matterhorn Pure Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅08-06-12

Product on Review: Alpenföhn Matterhorn Pure
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Alpenföhn
Street Price: £30.98 @OCUK

Just over 2 years ago, Alpenföhn announced the Matterhorn, boasting lavish blacked aluminium fins and heatpipes in a new distinctive package. Moving on to the present we have seen Alpenföhn take leaps and bounds in regards to engineering prowess and cooling innovation. Diving into a turbulent world of CPU cooling, (pun intended), we now see the Matterhorn throwing down its gloves and stripped of any unnecessary la-de-da with the 'PURE' Edition. The monolithic tower retains the precision engineering and premium quality build you would expect and comes with an iconic 120mm WingBoost fan to blow away the heat. Will the Matterhorn Pure breathe a fresh lease of life into the mid range market? Or will it be Pure... Let's find out.

Alpenfohn's take on Matterhorn PURE
What characterizes a good mid-class CPU cooler… Is it a premium-quality finish, a high performance, a low-noise fan or is it the dead easy mounting in nearly every Midi Tower case? With our brand-new Matterhorn Pure we combine all these points and offer the ultimate high-end package at a nearly unreasonable low-price.

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