Alpenföhn Triglav CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅21-08-11

Product on Review: Alpenföhn Triglav
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Alpenföhn
MSRP: ~£35/ 39.90Euros
Street Price: N/A

While on the verge of installing a brand new, yet to be released cooler from a currently unknown brand, an unexpected package came to my door. Opening it revealed a brand new cooler from Alpenföhn, the Triglav. Normally, this would have just been chucked to the corner while I focussed on the more exciting unreleased cooler but a few things caught my attention which meant that it had to be given priority over anything else. First of all, it was a product from Alpenföhn, a brand which has become renowned over the past two years for their quality and craftsmanship. Secondly, the Triglav, as it is known, features some very unique and interesting features that suggest it could potentially challenge other coolers in a different price bracket to itself.

Like the recently reviewed Alpenföhn Matterhorn, the Triglav derives its name from the Alpine mountain by the same namesake. Its English translation, “three-headed”, is a very fitting name for the cooler as it features three heat pipes. On initial impression three heat pipes doesn’t seem to be the making of a mid-range cooler, yet alone a high end one, but the Triglav is unique in that its three heat pipes are 10mm in diameter. Generally heatsink manufacturers opt for more conventional 6mm or 8mm heat pipes but Alpenföhn have taken the bold step of trying a new concept. For this reason, I thought it a very promising cooler to put through our tests.

In many ways, the Alpenföhn Triglav shares more in common with the older Nordwand than the more recent Matterhorn. Both use the same HDC direct heat pipe contact technology, share the same mounting mechanism, and feature similar LED fans. In fact, the LED fan bundled on the Triglav is the same one found on the Brocken rather than the rubberised fan found on the Matterhorn. While we eagerly anticipate the release of the Alpenföhn K2, let’s see what the Triglav has in store meanwhile.

Let’s see what Alpenföhn have to say about their Triglav heatsink:

With the Triglav, Alpenföhn are catapulting the proven HDC technology to a new level. Through use of three massive 10mm heat pipes, heat generated by the CPU can be delivered more quickly to the aluminium fins.

The bundled fan has a 4-pin connector and can therefore be controller by the motherboard. This allows for speed adjustment between 850 and 1500RPM.

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