Alphacool NexXxoS Cool Answer 360 DDC/XT Watercooling Kit Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅29-06-13
Radiator: Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 360mm

Like the other major components of this watercooling kit, the radiator comes packed in a glossy cardboard box. Inside, the radiator is protected by a bubble-wrap sleeve which, along with the exterior packaging should ensure none of the paintwork, and more importantly, the fins are damaged.

The radiator is a complete welded unit made from 100% copper. In this kit you will receive a 360 XT45 model meaning the radiator is capable of taking 3x120MM fans and is 45mm deep. The radiator itself is however available separately in a variety of different widths and lengths.

The fin shroud has a relatively heavy coating of matt black paint with the fins and chambers receiving the lightest of coats which is ideal.

Having been victom of puncturing a radiator by screws that were too long before, we were pleased to see the NexXxos XT45 comes with protective tabs beneath the screw holes to prevent this from happening.

The Plenum chamber is a good design as it features not two but 6 options where you can place your fittings. This should cut down on the bends in tubing once installed. While the majority of users will be using just once side of the radiator, it is good to see the option available.

Normally we would see brass inserts here however with this rad, the inserts appear to be copper. We're not sure of the benefits of this other than to keep all metals as close in the metallurgy table as possible but with brass being very close to copper anyway, the possibilities of galvanic corrosion were very small.

We do like how Alphacool have included copper plugs to fill the unneeded recesses. While this may add to the expense of the product (copper being a resource which currently holds a premium), it is a nice yet simple innovation we have not seen other manufacturers do.

Finishing off the product nicely is a small tag on the side of the radiator with the company logo embossed on a copper plate.

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