Alphacool NexXxoS Cool Answer 360 DDC/XT Watercooling Kit Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅29-06-13
Pump: Laing DDC-1T/12V Pump

Any watercooler worth his salt will tell you that there are just two pumps that are usually recommended for a custom watercooling setup. One of those is the pump included in this kit, the Laing DDC 1T. The DDC 1T comes in two varieties, the DDC 1T we have in this kit and the plus version, being slightly more powerful and recommended for multiple block systems where restriction is higher. The DDC 1T is however more than adequate for this system and is an excellent choice.

Our only issue was the fact that this pump does not come with an option top and as we will see later, there is reason for this but it will cut down on the amount of freedom you have when expanding your watercooling components to perhaps include GPU and motherboard cooling.

the pumps is a 12V unit which is connected via a spare MOLEX connection from your PSU. There is also a sensor attached which can be added to an optional monitoring device or simply attached to the CPU header of your motherboard which will then read the pump as a fan and will monitor the pump speed accordingly. This is an invaluable device as should the pump fail, you will either get a warning or the PC will shut down to protect itself depending on your BIOS settings.

Both the DDC 1T and DDC 1T+ look identical but as you can see above, the label on the side of the pump casing tells us that this is indeed a DDC-1T, consuming 10W instead of the higher performing 18W DDC 1T+.

The pump is very easily serviced by removing the four screws at it's base. This allows access to the internals which is simply an egg shaped magnet with no moving parts. Removing this is easy and thus along with the cradle, can be cleaned thoroughly should you wish to strip down the watercooling loop to clear contaminates at a later date.

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