AMD A8-3870K Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅25-04-12
Features & Specifications

Model Name: A8-3870K
Radeon™ Brand: HD 6550D
CPU Clock Speed: 3.0GHz
CPU Cores on Die: 4 cores
TDP: 100W
Total L2 Cache: 4MB
Radeon™ Cores on Die: 400
GPU Clock Speed: 600 MHz
DDR3 Speed: 1866MHz
DX11 and UVD3
Instruction Set Extensions MMX(+) 3D Now!(+) SSE 1, 2, 3, 4A, x86-64, AMD-V
Transistor count 1450 Million
Die size 228mm˛
Lithography 32nm

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Die shot of the Llano architecture

As with the A8-3850, the A8-3870K does not feature Turbo core, though the architecture supports the implementation of it as seen with various lower end APUs. AMD have managed to slightly improve IPC of the K12 CPU cores over the K10.5 as seen in the Phenom II CPUs even though Llano does not contain any L3 cache. The integrated memory controller can natively support DDR3 1866MHz which is intended to feed the bandwidth hungry Radeon cores in the HD 6550D iGPU.

The AMD A series family

As we can see, the A8-3870K is virtually identical to the the A8-3850 with exception of an increased frequency to 3.0GHz up from 2.9GHz within the same TDP, because of this we can assume that base performance will be similar to the A8-3850. Though the real selling point of the Black Edition is the unlocked multiplier.

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