AMD A8-7650K Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅13-03-15

Product on Review: AMD A8-7650K
Manufacturer & Sponsor: AMD
Street Price: £78

AMD recently made an addition to their Kaveri line up of APUs with the release of the unlocked A8-7650K. This was done in tandem with the new A68 chipset with the aim to tempt buyers with a well rounded low cost system. Coming in at less than £80 for the APU and from just £33 for an A68 motherboard, it is interesting to see how AMD are now attacking that 'price' part of 'price-performance'.

The A8-7650K has 10 compute cores, which translates as 4 CPU cores amd 6 Graphics cores (4C + 6G) and has a base/turbo frequency of 3.3/3.8GHz. As with its brethen Kaveri APUs it is equipped with HSA features which allow it to use the graphics compute cores to accelerate everyday multimedia processing and tasks. The primary hit in performance in comparison to the A10 APUs will undoubtedly be in its graphics performance, having two less graphics compute cores.

AMD's Overview of the APU
Unlock your system’s full potential with HSA
Revolutionary Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) is a new standard in processor design where the CPU and GPU work together in harmony. With HSA, the full potential of AMD hardware enables more efficient performance, so applications are fast and responsive.
Get extreme performance with GCN architecture
Immerse yourself in leading-edge graphics technology with Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture from AMD. This third-generation technology unlocks advanced features and the stunning performance of AMD Radeon™ graphics.
Raise your game with Mantle
AMD Mantle technology is a groundbreaking API that brings some of the most popular and advanced games to life. With this technology in the latest AMD APUs, you can game at unprecedented levels with hyperefficient performance.
Experience breathtaking immersive audio
AMD TrueAudio technology provides 32-channel surround audio to make games sound better and deliver more accurate voice recognition. Experience a whole new level of immersion.

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