AMD Athlon II X2 255 Processor Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅14-11-10

Another day another great processor from AMD.

The 255 is certainly an affordable and easy to clock processor. A 900MHz overclock was certainly not what I'd expected and was a very positive surprise.

As you'd expect from a cache limited dual core processor desktop grunt is quite severely limited. I certainly wouldn't want to be encoding video after video on it!

The AMD Athlon II 255.

Gaming performance largely goes in line with the spec sheet. It was down in some of the tests but this was either indistinguishable during actual gaming or the deficit could be closed through overclocking. During the testing I would say that it was just as smooth as any of the processors I've tested.

It's an impressive little chip however I would say that its cost is so close to some of the Athlon II X3 range that it may end up a second choice to those. Of course, as you saw in my 440 review, there's every chance you'd end up with a fully unlockable quad core which would certainly swing a decision in its favour!

In fact the combination of low cost, low power usage and decent gaming performance could well mean that this little chip finds its way into HTPC's. Would be perfect.


+ Pretty impressive overclocking performance
+ Smooth windows performance
+ Good gaming performance however needed to be clocked to do this
+ Very cool running even when heavily overvolted and overclocked
+ Nicely priced
+ Great backwards compatibility with DDR2 and DDR3 memory controller


- Unlockable tri core chips like the 440 aren't that much more
- Heavy desktop duties like encoding show it's power limitations

The AMD Athlon II 255 dual core receives our Vortez Silver Award - congratulations!

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