AMD Bulldozer FX-4130 Review

👤by Brendan van Varik Comments 📅07-02-13

The differences between the two CPUs are apparent when you look at their specifications. The differences are the hike in speed, and the cache having been halved. We will see how this affects performance in our testing further on in this review.

For the rest of the specifications, they remain unchanged.

AMD64 Technology

Simultaneous 32- & 64-bit computing

L1 Cache (Instruction + Data) per core
128KB (64KB + 64KB)

L2 Cache (1MB per core)
8MB or 6MB or 4MB

L3 Cache
8MB (shared L3)

HyperTransport™ Technology
HyperTransport™ Technology up to 4000MT/s full duplex, or up to 16.0GB/s I/O Bandwidth

Integrated DDR3 Memory Controller

Memory Controller Width

Type of Memory Supported
Up to DDR3 1866

Memory Bandwidth
Up to 21 GB/s dual channel memory bandwidth

Total Processor-to-system Bandwidth (HyperTransport plus memory bandwidth)
Up to 37 GB/s

Process Technology
32 nanometer, SOI (silicon-on-insulator) Technology


Thermal Design Power
125W, & 95W

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