AMD FreeSync Technology Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅19-03-15
Deeper Testing: Bioshock Infinite

Next up we took a deeper look at comparative frame rates for FreeSync Enabled and Disabled, specifically looking at Bioshock Infinite. We once again utilised the canned benchmark using the Very High preset, which also helpfully provides detailed breakdowns of frame rates at time indices in the demo.

As you can see, FreeSync performance closely tracked and in most cases exceeded performance when FreeSync is disabled. On average FreeSync performance exceeded non-FreeSync by a stastically insignificant 0.3%, but certain scenes time indices did exhibit benefits of as much as 1.9%. Even if this comes down to statistical noise, the lack of performance impact is a huge plus for FreeSync.

We should note that AMD claim Nvidia G-SYNC incurs an approximately 2.5% drain compared to unsyncced performance, but we are not able to independently confirm this.

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