AMD Radeon RX 6800 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅18-11-20

We’ve seen AMD make the biggest comeback with their Zen-based CPUs and they’ve now effectively dethroned Intel in their quest for dominance. Such an achievement is admirable and whether you’re a system builder, gamer or tech reviewer, having fierce competition in the market place is a good thing.

Over in the GPU arena, AMD’s efforts to compete with NVIDIA have been slow but steady. The introduction of RDNA was a clear sign that the company has a strong passion to take the enthusiasm and engineering prowess from their CPU/motherboard platform into their GPU chipsets. RDNA2 is their best attempt at challenging NVIDIA in the high-end segment.

While the RX 6800 may be the lowest in the stack of newly released ‘Big Navi’ graphics cards, it confidently competes with NVIDIA’s RTX 3070 (and an overclocked variant at that!). In most cases, we found AMD’s offering trouncing the RTX 3070. RX 6800’s sweetspot is at 1440p. Lifting the detail preset to maximum in each game, results in very few signs of weakness and this card can handle such intensive testing.

The RX 6800 is priced at 579 USD | 550 GBP | 1000 AUD, which is slightly more than the RTX 3070. Though some of the more expensive models will exceed this price-tag. It’s almost certain that a partner variant of the RX 6800 with a factory OC will offer better performance than what NVIDIA provides, but it will need to remain at a similar price-point to be worthwhile.

The RX 6000 Series is AMD’s best attempt at competing with NVIDIA at the high-end. What we’ve seen in the RX 6800 today is extremely encouraging and we can’t wait to see what partner models have to offer in the weeks to come!/b]

+ Appealing revamped design
+ Capable of Ray Tracing
+ Cooler is an improvement
+ Performs better than RTX 3070 in many instances
+ Zero decibel technology
+ Great value for money
+ Lower power consumption to the RTX 30-Series
+ Excellent performance at 1440p

- Power hungry
- Can be noisy under load

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