AMD Ryzen 5 1400 & 1600 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-04-17
Temperatures & Overclocking
Inside the box, you would be forgiven for expecting to see the lovely new RGB LED Wraith cooler, however, those are limited to just Ryzen 7. Though you can expect the same low-noise cooling performance as the RGB models. The R5 1400 and 1600 are both 65W TDP parts, though the 1600 will likely put out, or have the potential to put out more heat due to the additional active CCX, for this reason we find the 1400 shipping with the low profile Wraith Stealth cooler, and the 1600 with the Wraith Spire cooler.

Under our Noctua NH-U12S, there is a distinct difference in thermal performance between the 4c/8t and 6c/12t parts, especially at stock frequencies.

The 1400 is a low clocked quad-core CPU but if our experience of overclocking Ryzen remains true, we should be able to reach 4GHz with around 1.41V. In our previous outings with overclocking Ryzen, we tended to be a little overzealous with the voltages, and it turns out that some may load in at with less volts, though as always, each chip will be different and always stick within your thermal envelope. That being said, the 1400 was happy to hit 4.05Ghz stable with no fuss.

The 1600 however was a different story, using the same guideline voltage, we couldn't get over 4GHz stable at all, even though we managed to boot in at 4.1GHz, we had to back it down all the way to 3.95GHz to find any semblance of stability. This is likely due to being a lower binned part of the 1600X, or simply, the disabled cores are damaged. That being said, considering that the 1600 has two CCX, it is likely that Ryzen 5 is made up completely of recycled Ryzen 7 parts. This could potentially mean that motherboard makers could dabble with unlocking additional cores again, but so early to release, it is almost entirely likely that the majority of them are faulty. That being said, a 6c/12t CPU at 3.95GHz is still going to provide a significant boost over stock performance, it will just mean that enthusiast overclockers that want to aim for the best performance will likely be better off going for the higher binned 1600X CPU.

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