Antec Eleven Hundred Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅14-12-11

The front of Eleven Hundred is part plastic and part steel. The steel provides material for the mesh that runs down the middle section of the case whilst the plastic is mainly on the edges. Due to the lower region being mesh this provides a good platform for attaching intake fans at the front of the case (none are included). At the top there are 3x 5.25” drive bay covers and the front panel controls are at the very top of Eleven Hundred – more on these further down the page.

Around the back at the bottom there is an opening for mounting a PSU and a total of 9 PCI expansion slot covers provide many options for multiple graphics card configurations. These PCI covers have ventilation for better airflow. To the side there are 2 circular rubber grommets for feeding water cooling tubing through. Above this is a 120mm rear exhaust fan and at the very top is a small panel for turning the LED on the top cooling fan on or off. On the inside of this panel is an area for plugging in case fans this can be powered via Molex.

The front and back of Eleven Hundred

The front fascia on Eleven Hundred is removable and features a detachable fan filter. Though there aren’t any cooling fans included 2x 120mm fans can be installed at the front – behind the HDD cage.

Fan filter on front fascia and optional 2x 120mm fan placement

At the top of Eleven Hundred is the front panel connectivity. Available is: headphone/microphone jack, dual USB 2.0 ports, and dual USB 3.0 ports (via motherboard header). On the roof of the case are the power and reset buttons, the larger one being the power.

Front panel connectivity

Further back there is a large honey comb mesh section that reveals a top mounted 200mm LED exhaust fan. Being an exhaust there is obviously no need for a fan filter. Surprisingly there are no other options at the top of Eleven Hundred – in this spot or anywhere else. We can’t change to smaller fans or add any additional for increased cooling.

200mm LED exhaust cooling fan at the top

Finally, onto the underside of Eleven Hundred. Here there are 4x rubber feet for the prevention of slipping on smoother surfaces and there is a mesh section marked out where the PSU will rest. There is a fan filter and this is removable from the outside of the case – it sits on the underside of this mesh, right under the PSU.

The underside of Eleven Hundred

Continuing our tour, over the page we will investigate the internal features of Eleven Hundred.

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