Antec KUHLER H2O 1250 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-11-13
Closer Look

1250 utilises a 280mm radiator and two 120mm cooling fans are actually already mounted to the radiator, along with two dedicated water-pumps. The tubes which carry the liquid connect and route between the radiator-block and pump-block. This is a step away from typical AIO coolers which usually have the pump mounted the block as one unit.

When we approached Antec about changing the cooling fans they said to us that with this model if the fans fail, the whole unit will need to be RMA’d. They hinted at the next version having the option to swap out the cooling fans.

Dual 142mm cooling fans with integrated pumps

1250 uses a large 280mm radiator

Due to the pumps being mounted to the cooling fans, the CPU block can employ a low-profile design. The top side has the Antec logo which sits on an RGB LED – this can be modified within Antec GRID software to a colour of your preference.

Since there is PWM and LED functionality it is necessary to have a series of cables (Y-cable, fan cables, pump power and USB header). This perhaps one of the niggles or drawbacks of 1250, because it can be tedious having to tuck these cables away and have them trailing across the motherboard.

The underside of the CPU block uses a copper baseplate which has pre-applied thermal compound paste for out of the box usage.

RGB lighting for the top of the CPU block

Copper baseplate and pre-applied thermal compound paste

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