Antec Mercury 240 RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅09-09-18

Product on Review: Antec Mercury 240 RGB
Manufacturer: Antec
Street Price: GBP £79.99

Antec have been at the forefront of the computer chassis, power supply and cooling product markets since 1986, releasing many iconic cases in that time. Its been a few years since we last looked at anything from Antec, with the most recent being the very odd KUHLER H2O 1250 with the twin water pumps mounted on the radiator. Today we look at the Mercury 240 RGB, a much more regular layout all-in-one watercooling system.

You may have seen the previous Antec Mercury 240 with its blue, green or red lighting; this time around we get a full compliment of colours, 256 to be exact, which illuminate the pump and both 120mm fans. The RGB can be controlled manually using an in-line remote or via the motherboard header to sync up multiple products within your case.

Helping to keep the all-in-one cooler quiet, Antec have utilised features such as graphite bearings within the water pump, which is capable of up to 3.5 Litres per minute of flow, and ultra-quiet PWM fans. Socket compatibility is also sorted, with all of Intel and AMDs mainstream supported, though you’ll have to contact your retailer for TR4 support.

The Mercury RGB is also available in 120mm and 360mm variants, allowing more or less cooling potential depending on your chassis size or requirements. We’re testing the 240mm middle-of-the-road option today.

Antec on the Mercury 240 RGB:
High performance pump with an ultra-quiet closed impeller design and three-phase motor enable the maximum amount of water circulation, keeping your system running cool and quiet.

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