AORUS RTX 3080 Master Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-12-20

Getting your hands on a new RTX 3080 at the moment is proving to be extremely difficult with stock availability being low, regardless of your geographical location. To an extent, this has taken the thrill off owning such a GPU, but we’re hopeful that come early 2021 things will start to look more positive.

AORUS has done a superb job in their rendition of the RTX 3080 in the form of Master. The sheer weight and size of this graphics card will probably put some gamers off and sufficient space within a computer chassis will need to be seriously considered before moving forwards with a purchase.

AORUS hasn’t just gone big on the dimensions but have also armed Master with a plethora of RGB functionality which covers almost every angle you can view the card from. Accompanying the RGB lighting is a handy LCD display which likewise, is fully customizable, allowing the user to obtain live system stats, display their own text or even an animated image.

By now, most reading this will be aware of the RTX 3080’s position in the performance league and this Master model performs inline with what we would expect from an overclocked variant of NVIDIA’s GA-102. The factory overclock allows this card to gently lift performance above that of a stock 3080, boosting framerate somewhat. However, it would have been nice to see a memory clock adjustment too, given the price-tag.

The new cooler found on this model is gigantic and operates very well in terms of low-noise and low-temperatures. During normal gaming conditions with everything left on “auto” we encountered no issues with noise.

At a cost of GBP £900 | USD $850 | AUD $1650, this is quite an expensive RTX 3080, but it is does step outside of the standard by offering some unique features that other cards do not and it also arrives with a healthy 4 year warranty.

This monolithic graphics card delivers big on gaming performance and does not disappoint with its impressive thermal solution. If you have your sights on an RTX 3080, you should definitely consider this one!

+ Striking design
+ Comprehensive RGB lighting
+ Multi-function LCD display
+ Excellent 4K performance
+ Low-noise cooler
+ Zero decibel technology
+ Up to 6 video outputs
+ 3 years warranty

- Extremely large
- Very heavy
- No memory overclock

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