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THUNDER M7: Closer Look

An aggressive looking gaming mouse

A multitude of customisable buttons

AORUS has given M7 super-sleek and clean aesthetics which will compliment any computer desk. This mouse is designed for right-handed gamers and has been tailored in such a fashion to make the most of MMO style of games. The abundance of buttons alludes to this style of mouse, M7 actually has a total of 16 programmable buttons all of which can have macros and certain commands applied to them via the provided software. (Demonstration further in the review).

M7 measures (L)116mm *(W)70mm *(H)44mm and weighs 110g – having no detachable weights.

Two buttons have been placed on the outer edge of the left mouse button whilst a cluster of six occupy the area were the thumb typically rests. The thumb rest is a smooth plastic texture.

Clean aesthetics

Over on the other side, there is just one extra button accompanying the right mouse button - by default, this button allows you to switch between five different gaming profiles. Both the left and right mouse buttons make use ofuUltra-durable 20 million clicks Omron switches.

The surface of the right mouse button features a different texture compared to the left mouse button – a coarser, matt quality has been used for a variation on the grip.

Also on this side is a plastic cavity which has the “THUNDER” typography, this lights up when the mouse has power.

Front facing LEDs

Two-tone exterior

At the front of M7 there are forward facing LEDs which emits a glow when the mouse is connected. The scrolling wheel can also be seen from the front view – the increments on this wheel are quite slack and it has a rubber strips running down the middle for grip. Just like other aspects of M7, the wheel also glows when given power.

On the top side of the mouse there are even more buttons to take advantage of. AORUS has placed the DPI increase/decrease buttons next to a large transparent window which gives a view of the internal LED design. Users can switch to the 800/1600/3200/5600DPI all on-the-fly. There is a handy LED indicator to reference which DPI setting you are using.

At the heart of M7 is a 8200 DPI laser sensor which has a maximum acceleration of 30g and 12000 frames per second.

Gold-plated USB

THUNDER M7 is a corded gaming mouse which uses a USB 2.0 gold-plated connector. The cable is 1.8M long.

The connector has a custom design to help you locate it whilst at the back of the PC and AORUS bundle a handy cable strap to help keep the cable free from tangling up.

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