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THUNDER M7 is AORUS first gaming mouse and they’ve really jumped in at the deep end by producing a product which is aimed at MMO gamers. The reason we say this is because MMO mice are highly specialised and compared to a standard gaming mouse, require more thought in regards to layout and button placement.

The styling, build quality and aesthetics on this gaming mouse are superb and when it’s powered up the glow from the LEDs further strengthens this argument but we do appreciate that not everyone likes to have lighting so it would have been a good idea for AORUS to provide an option within the software to completely disable this (although there is an option to partly disable wheel and window LEDs).

Using the M7 as an MMO gaming mouse, we’re left in no doubt of its excellence. It handles movement with precision and traction is accurate on different surfaces. The numerous buttons pave the way for extensive functionality and by installing the software users can either assign commands to these 16 buttons or configure and make use of up to 70 macros.

The option to have up to 8200 DPI and control over basic settings such as report rate and wheel speed is useful to have at the finger tips too. The actual DPI profiling can be configured within the software and then activated on-the-fly via the top mounted buttons.

At the moment we can only find THUNDER M7 in US stores for $90 – which is neither here, nor there. All things considered, we feel the cost is realistic.

THUNDER M7 is a powerful MMO gaming mouse which has a super-accurate 8200 DPI laser sensor. AORUS has designed and produced a wonderful product which looks and feels exceptional.

+ Brilliant aesthetics
+ Excellent packaging + carry case
+ Very accurate
+ Lots of buttons
+ Great for MMO gamers
+ Up to 8200 DPI
+ Intuitive software

- Cannot completely switch off LEDs
- Cumbersome to use for FPS

The THUNDER P3 which we tested throughout this review of M7 we also fully approve and report no problems whatsoever.

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