Arctic BioniX P120 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅03-12-18
Part of the appeal of owning your own computer is the control we have over which components we choose, lending several hours of research to seemingly insignificant components, such as cooling fans, but the truth is, they can be incredibly important in terms of noise and heat dissipation. Keeping components cool can lead to a longer product life as well as fewer issues due to thermal throttling and software crashes.

The Acrtic BioniX P120 has presented itself as a very capable fan, pushing vast amounts of air and performing remarkably well in our temperature tests while also remaining relatively quiet.

The fan itself seems to be well-engineered, with a solid frame and impeller, along with the rubber corners to reduce vibration and in-turn, noise.

The BioniX arrives on the shelves at £13.99/$15.99, so it’s not exactly “cheap” but certainly worth considering for your build if quiet and cool operation is something you desire, especially with that 10-year warranty on offer.

Arctic have always been known for their budget products that pack a punch, with the BioniX P120 being no different, we’d be happy to recommend these to a friend.

+ Appealing colour schemes
+ Great performance
+ Decent noise levels
+ Good build quality
+ 10-year warranty

+- Not the quietest, if that’s what you seek

- None

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