👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-01-10
Being their first notebook cooler, ARCTIC COOLING can be proud of the ARCTIC NC. It offers substantial cooling performance, is lightweight, portable and barely audible at full speed. All these attribute make it a clear winner.

Although I couldn’t find anywhere stocking this product yet, the MSRP of 21,90 € / US$ 31.50 translates into good value for money.

My only complaint with the ARCTIC NC is that the surface area the notebook rests on is easily marked; if ARCTIC COOLING could make the lip area softer and more robust this would improve this notebook cooler. The fitting pads, whilst they do improve friction by keeping the notebook more secure it’s still quite easy to have the notebook move around and out of place.

It’s my pleasure to award the ARCTIC NC the Gold award because it really is a brilliant product and sits in the 90% zone.

+ Excellent performance
+ Lightweight (250g)
+ Portable
+ 12”-19” notebook support
+ Affordable

- Surface marks easy
- Notebook can slip off

We would like to thank ARCTIC COOLING for providing the ARCTIC NC. Discuss this review on our forums

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