ARCTIC Freezer Extreme Rev. 2 CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅07-04-12
Packaging and Content

The front of the box

ARCTIC have packaged their flagship cooler inside a plastic blister pack, a change from the traditional cardboard box we tend to encounter. While excellent at showcasing the actual cooler, my first impression was that it cannot be good at protecting the cooler during transit. Thankfully, my doubts were quickly settled when I realised that the plastic used is very tough and durable. My main problem however, is that there is little room inside the packaging to hold the rest of the accessories. It is clear that the product will fit right at home in a retail store which is conveniently more appropriate to its target market. At the front, we see a small cut out with the ARCTIC name printed on and at the base is the list of motherboard sockets supported.

The back of the box

At the back, all the features and specifications are listed along with some charts to indicate the cooler’s performance relative to a stock cooler with an Intel Core i5 2500K. ARCTIC have also made it clear that the noise level is a priority hence the demonstration of its performance against a stock cooler in that department. Also highlighted is the 6 year limited warranty available with the cooler.

The base of the box

At the bottom, the features are printed in 5 more languages.

The bundle

Inside the packaging, it is remarkable to see so few components for the mounting bracket given its support for motherboards as old as AMD’s 754 and 939, and Intel’s LGA775. ARCTIC have included:

-Heatsink & fan x1
-Manual x1
-Mounting plate x1
-Screws (12mm) x2
-Screws (7mm) x2
-Push pins x4
-Push pin inserts x4
-Lugs x2

Like the Cooler Master TX3, the Freezer Extreme also uses push pins making it more accessible to buyers looking to change their stock cooler without having to resort to changing the motherboard.

The cooler

The cooler is a dual tower heatsink coupled with a single 120mm fan positioned in the middle. Unlike the behemoths from Noctua, Thermalright, Phanteks and Alpenföhn, the Freezer Extreme Rev. 2 is very compact and measures a mere 131mm in height. This is immediately apparent when we look at the cubed shape cooler. To improve the aesthetics, ARCTIC have integrated to large X shaped panels on either side of the cooler, and a plastic shroud at the top which is combined with the 120mm fan. The main advantage of such a design is that it makes fan installation and removal much easier without having to resort to fan clips. In terms of design, the Freezer Extreme Rev. 2 is more akin to the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme. By having the fan in the middle, it means that it isn’t visible giving the cooler a clean, purposeful finish and on top of that, there is little chance of somehow damaging the fan or getting your finger caught.

The front of the cooler

From the front, we can see the 120mm fan through the 51 fins and the four heat pipes rising side by side end evenly distributed. Due to the compact size of the cooler, the 120mm fan is able to cover the whole surface area, making it a very effective solution. The contrasting colours between the heat pipes and the fins highlight the copper and aluminium construction respectively.

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