ARCTIC Freezer Extreme Rev. 2 CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅07-04-12
Closer Look

The front of the heatsink

The heatsink makes use of two radiators both featuring 51 fins for a total of 102. To fit so many fins in such a small package, the fin spacing is a mere 1.5mm making this a densely packed heatsink favouring high static pressure. The fins themselves are laminar and are stacked in parallel without any distinct characteristics. In the centre, the fins are all flat curving upwards towards the edges. This simple touch may increase turbulence but not significantly. The bottom five fins are shorter in length.

The side of the cooler

From the side, we can see that ARCTIC have placed a large X shaped façade to hide the fan. It serves to make the cooler more aesthetically pleasing but also as a mechanism to lock the fan mount. This is merely stuck on but I wouldn’t recommend removing it. Prior to the rebranding, the cover was colour black and silver rather than white.

The side of the cooler without the fan installed

The depth of the cooler is 100mm, 12mm less than the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme and over 40mm less than our super high-end dual tower coolers. This allows the Freezer Extreme Rev. 2 to remain compact and provide no issues regarding capability, a point ARCTIC keenly want to emphasise. The U-shaped heat pipes are distributed such that either end goes up its own radiator for better efficiency. Regarding the fins, those are partially closed by bent interlocking tabs. This means that the amount of air entering from the sides is limited

Flat fin edges

A closer look at the fins, we see that on the front side, they have smooth straight edges. On the inside, the story is different.

Serrated fin edges

On the inside, the fins have a serrated edge which is thankfully flat at the tips to avoid any casualties or damage to the fans during installation or removal. This design is not dissimilar to the Alpenföhn K2.

The top fan shroud

The fan is attached to the top cover which when installed displays the Freezer Extreme emblem proudly. This cover is rounded in the middle to accommodate the fan and flat with a slight lip towards the sides.

The heat pipes

The Freezer Extreme boasts four 6mm heat pipes, with each end of one heat pipe going through its own radiator. They are evenly spaced and distributed far enough apart for excellent heat dissipation. By having them side by side, all the heat pipes receive adequate airflow without blocking each other, hence the improved efficiency.

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