Arctic Freezer 33 eSports Edition Review

👤by Jamie Procter Comments 📅10-10-17
Closer Look
Once unboxed, we have to admit that we think this is a very good looking CPU cooler. If we briefly disregard the admittedly subjective coloured accents, the design is attractive and well-judged so should fit aesthetically within most systems - don't forget there are options with the accents too. Heatsink build quality seems on-point for the price and the built-in fan clips are genuinely some of the simplest we've ever had the pleasure of attaching a fan to.

The Freezer 33 features a total of 4 x 6mm heat pipes which feed through the body of the heatsink from its direct touch base. It features 49 aluminium fins which are each 5mm in thickness.

Both supplied 120mm BioniX fans come with rubber mounts pre-installed for noise dampening. Once removed each fan only features the rubber mounts on one side each, rather than on both - this is not a problem but should be noted ahead of reattaching once the heatsink is installed to the motherboard.

The fans feature black sleeved cabling and use 4-pin PWM connectors. Each cable also features a female 4-pin connector allowing them to be daisy-chained together before one is plugged directly into a motherboard CPU Fan header.

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