Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅02-12-19
Packaging & Bundle
Have you ever turned off the textures in a game to see the wire-frame behind the graphics? The image of the cooler reminds us of that. The front doesn’t provide tonnes of information, but just about enough to get you going.

On the reverse, the 6 separate images are clear and well annotated to give you a good idea of what’s what.

Arctic have kept things super simple, helping to reduce the cost of the loop as much as possible. AMD and Intel mounting’s both use the same brackets and mounting systems, again, to save cost and complexity. You get given a small, single-use sachet of MX-4 thermal paste.

One thing we particularly like about Arctic’s approach to packaging is their attempt to be more environmentally friendly, one effort they’re pushing at the moment is to ditch the user manual which wastes a lot of paper and instead including a small sticker with a QR code. The manual is easier to follow on your phone anyway so this is a win-win from our point of view.

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