ARCTIC Liquid Freezer III 240 A-RGB White Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅01-03-24
Closer Look

Closer Look

The included white 120mm PWM fans have an operating speed of 200-2000rpm. Their blades are oriented and curved to maximise static pressure to push air through the radiator fins and have a rated airflow of 48 cfm, a relatively low number but not necessarily indicative or final performance.

Each screw hole has rubberised pads to reduce transmitted vibration (and hence overall noise generated). The fan LED lighting is daisy-chained and configured via a 3-pin A-RGB connector.

The circular pump top cover is styled to evoke the look of a turbine engine’s fins, through which air is drawn by a small fan. It’s illuminated by an array of twelve LEDs.

This fan assembly clips on to the back of the pump assembly, leaving it quite proud of the socket compared to some more streamlined AIO models. It shouldn't pose any compatibility issues but may be not quite the 'look' some would prefer.

The coldplate is a flat copper square the lacks the customary mirror finish. As previously noted, this coldplate is offset slightly when using AM4/5 mounting hardware to locate it optimally over the hotter regions on the CPU heatspreader.

The white 240mm radiator is a meaty 38mm thick and has a very dense fin stack requiring high static pressure fans. An ARCTIC logo runs down each long edge but the finish is otherwise exceptionally clean and sharp.

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