ARCTIC MC001-BD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-02-12

In recent times ARCTIC have moved into many varying markets and the home entertainment or HTPC segment is a particular avenue they appear to be passionate about. ARCTIC currently have 3 different units that populate their “Entertainment Center” category – the MC001-BD under review today being the most capable.

So how does the MC001-BD fare? Don’t be alarmed by the benchmarks on the previous pages, as I outlined earlier – the MC001-BD isn’t a ‘like for like’ comparison. Its intention and overall design is purely to operate as an entertainment device, giving the consumer the ability to access a range of video, imagery, audio – call it what you like. It’s Intel Atom CPU and Mini ITX form factor means that it is limited to these applications but this doesn’t mean its inferior by any means.

As an entertainment device the MC001-BD shines. Its fast bootup times mean you are into Windows 7 in no time at all and once there you can access files via the Bluray drive, HDD, network or even the internet via WiFi. Movie playback is obviously better if the files are on the HDD within MC001-BD but it doesn’t have any real problems accessing movies or music across the network via WiFi or the Bluray drive.

Thanks to its passive cooling and compact design the MC001-BD is great next to the TV. It can connect via various ports and even has USB 3.0 ports and an SD slot at the front.

Costing over £500 inc. VAT the MC001-BD is a considerable amount compared to other comparable devices from the likes of ZOTAC, ASUS and Foxconn but there is the inclusion of an operating system and Bluray drive with the MC001-BD which many similar devices are actually absent of.

So in conclusion ARCTIC’s MC001-BD is a great entertainment device that is extremely useful when next to the TV. Access to the home network or internet is quick and easy thanks to the WiFi and playback is very good.

+ Entirely passive and quiet operation
+ Compact & easy to store
+ Impressive bundle
+ Flexible – lots of different input/output ports
+ USB 3.0 ports
+ Wireless
+ Extremely low power consumption
+ Upgrade possibilities

- Physically hot to touch
- Only 4x BDROM
- Price

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