ARCTIC MC001-BD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-02-12
Closer Look (External)

The MC001-BD has a two-tone colour configuration with one side having a black glossy plastic fascia and the other a more robust silver, metal cover. MC001-BD is extremely slime-line and will combine very well with any TV. It can be positioned as pictured – standing upright or the base plate can be removed so that the device lies flat.

An overview of MC001-BD

At the top of MC001-BD are the heatsink ventilation slots. The heatsinks on the underside of this cover rest on top of the Intel Atom D525 processor. The beauty with the MC001-BD is that it offers a silent entertainment solution – there are no fans at all within the unit. The only component that does generate noise is the Bluray drive.

Heatsinks dissipate heat – no fans within MC001-BD

At the front of the unit are an assortment of ports including the Bluray 4x drive. Here we have the following ports:

• 1x SD card slot
• Headphone/Microphone jack
• 2x USB 3.0 ports
• Power button with blue LED
• Activity LED

It’s great to see that our unit has USB 3.0 ports but I’m slightly disappointed the MC001-BD only has a 4x Bluray drive – 10x and 12x are pretty much the standard nowadays and this unit would have benefitted more from having a faster drive due to the limited hardware inside.

The front features USB 3.0 ports and a 4x Bluray drive

Spinning the MC001-BD round to the back we have even more ports for audio, visual and input/output. Included here are the following:

• Audio ports x6 – Side, Mic, Out, In, Surround, Center/Sub
• SPD/IF Optical Audio
• VGA port
• HDMI port
• RJ45 LAN (Gigabit) port
• 5x USB 2.0 ports
• AC Power
• Wireless antenna

Ports on the back of MC001-BD

Finally onto the underside of the unit. This baseplate can be removed depending on which orientation you would like the MC001-BD to be in. The underside of the baseplate has a soft foam material for both anti-slip and anti-scratch. For those wondering where the Windows 7 serial is (it isn’t in the documentation) it can be found on the base of the unit.

The underside of MC001-BD with Windows 7 serial

With the external inspection over let’s go inside for a close look at the components that MC001-BD uses over the page.

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