Arctic MX-3 Thermal Paste Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅17-08-09
Over the past few weeks, we reviewed two top performing thermal compound solutions, both reaching new heights in terms of cooling. Today however, Arctic Cooling has demonstrated to us why they are the most respected name in the world of thermal pastes. They have been highly successful in the past and from this review, it can be concluded that they will remain the \\\"Top Dog\\\" for a long time to come.

Looking at the results, it cannot be anymore clear the lead that the Arctic MX-3 has over its competitors and even the old Arctic MX-2. It is up to 2.75C better than its predecessor and under load, it leads the previous Gold Award winners, the Tuniq TX-3 and the Gelid GC-Extreme. For those waiting for the new Arctic MX-3, the waiting is finally over and you will not be disappointed. It is in a league of its own!

Performance aside, the Arctic MX-3 comes nicely packaged but it does lack some of the extras that the Tuniq and Gelid paste provided, such as the small transparent meter on the TX-3 to show how much paste is remaining, or the applicator as bundled with the GC-Extreme. Those are hardly deal breakers but it would be nice if Arctic Cooling could incorporate a feature like the Tuniq TX-3 does to show how much of the Arctic MX-3 is left, especially considering that you may well end up using it on every piece of hardware you have, that requires cooling.

This is probably one of the easiest conclusion I have had the pleasure of writing and if you hadn\\\'t guessed it, the Arctic MX-3 thermal compound has deservedly earned itself the prestigious Vortez Hardware Gold Award!

I would like to graciously thank Arctic Cooling for providing this sample!

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