Arctic MX-3 Thermal Paste Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅17-08-09
Product on Review: Arctic MX-3 Thermal Paste
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Arctic Cooling
MSRP: 12,90 Ä / US$ 18.90
Street Price: £7.99

Itís hard to get excited about a new thermal paste but when Arctic Cooling announces something new, it is reason enough for enthusiasts to prick their ears up. Today, we have it in the form of the Arctic MX-3, their new flagship thermal compound, successor to the ever popular Arctic MX-2. Promising new heights of thermal conductivity, it will be up against the likes of the Tuniq TX-3 and the Gelid GC-Extreme.

Arctic Cooling is no stranger to enthusiasts when they turn to efficient cooling products. They have an excellent foothold in the thermal paste market and are most peopleís first port of call. For those who may not be familiar with them:

Arctic Cooling certainly has a lot expertise in the cooling market but whether they can top nowadays best thermal compounds is another question. So letís see what this new thermal paste brings to the table!

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